Cat & Dog Theology - Grade 2-4

Cat & Dog Theology - Grade 2-4

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Grades: 2nd-4th

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Timberdoodle's Review
Cat & Dog Theology
You’ve read a mountain of parenting books, and the best ones are not only engaging, but inspiring as well. However, many of the best, while stirring your soul, muddle your mind. What you want is a how-to book, but not one that leads to a household of self-righteous, pharisaical children. How do you teach your children the right thing to do, without them thinking their righteous deeds are enough? Cat and Dog Theology is the place to start. Cat and Dog Theology has been developed to help children both ponder their relationship with God and understand the importance of living a life that glorifies Him, or as the curriculum states, a life that makes God famous.

Cat and Dog Theology utilizes the recognized aloofness of cats to cast them as the self-centered villains in this curriculum. Dogs on the other hand, with their relentless desire to please their owners, are the heroes. Every lesson will have your child asking himself if he is more cat-like, living to please himself or more dog-like, living to please God.

Cat and Dog Theology Grades 2-4 is a one-year program and is divided into 30 weeks with three 10- to 15-minute lessons per week. In this level, your children will learn to make God famous by obeying, respecting adults, having a servant attitude, and more. Every time your child chooses God’s way instead of his own, he glorifies God. Every time he chooses to ignore God’s way it will be for his own glory.

The main component of Cat and Dog Theology Grades 2-4 is the Attitudes Workbook that features drawing and coloring activities, memory verse copywork, short answer reflection questions, and more. Also included is I Heard Good News Today 2: Big Life, with 65 true stories of God's power and grace; The Parent's Guidebook containing instructions for each of the ninety lessons with scripted questions; 102 Differences Between Cats and Dogs featuring cartoons that help children see the practical difference between God-centered and self-centered lifestyle; and Because He Liked It! a humorous collection of 101 glimpses into the unique attributes of animals that reflects the glory of God.

Cat and Dog Theology does an unprecedented job of helping your children to care about the glory of God, and enabling them to understand the motivations behind both their right and wrong behaviors. Cat and Dog Theology is the most God-centered, God-glorifying character curriculum we have seen. However, we also recommend accompanying it with a Gospel-rich Bible resource, so that as your children perceive more of the sin in their lives, they can know the only true Solution to their sin problem. Find our top recommendations here.
Note: The Cat & Dog Theology sets for K-2 and 2-4 cover similar concepts, but are distinct enough in approach that we do not recommend purchasing a set at one level and extra student books at another level. Instead, we recommend putting both students into one level or teaching them separately. If you’d like assistance with determining which level would be the better fit for a broad age range of students, contact us, and we will be happy to help!


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