Circuit Maze

Circuit Maze

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Timberdoodle's Review
Circuit Maze
Circuit Maze safely teaches complex concepts of electricity in a creative and entertaining way with a series of circuit-building logic puzzles. Select one of 60 cards, then place the shown pieces on the board to complete the circuit and light up the beacons. Circuit Maze puts the principles and concepts of electrical circuits right into your child’s hands. Simple and advanced circuitry concepts are explored, such as series circuits, parallel circuits, series and parallel circuits in combination, and parallel circuits in bypass. Reasoning and logic skills coupled with how electricity and electrical circuits work makes Circuit Maze a wonderful introduction to electrical engineering.

This single-player game for ages eight to adult includes: 1 Game Grid, 60 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert with Solutions, Instructions, and 21 Game pieces (1 Two-Part Power Source, 3 LED Beacons, 2 Straights, 2 Bridges, 2 Double Corners, 2 T-Shapes, 5 Corners, 1 Switch, and 3 Blockers).

  • 1 Game Grid
  • 60 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert with Solutions
  • Instructions
  • 21 Game Tokens
    • 1 Two-Part Power Source
    • 3 LED Beacons
    • 2 Straights
    • 2 Bridges
    • 2 Double Corners
    • 2 T-Shapes
    • 5 Corners
    • 1 Switch
    • 3 Blockers

  • Type: Logic Game
    Skill: Logic and Problem Solving
    Ages: 8 and Up
    Players: 1 Player
    Manufacturer: ThinkFun
    Made In: China
    Faith-Based: No

    Download Game Instructions

    REQUIRES: 3 AAA batteries (not included).

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Techlicious Best of Toy Fair 2016

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
    Circuit Maze Review by Mama Smiles

    review by Mama Smiles

    ”This game is teaching my children a lot about circuits, and I love the graded challenges. But best of all, I love the way this toy is pushing my children to develop life skills.”

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    Circuit Maze Review by Mommy Octopus

    review by Mommy Octopus

    ”My kids just loved the challenges of the Circuit Maze. I have found them spending a lot of time working on the challenges. With each challenge, I know it requires them to think about how to make the circuit work. You can practically see the wheels turning in their heads as they work on each challenge.”

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Fun and Engaging
    Excellent learning tool
    This was a disappointment
    Kim, You inspired our review team to pull our set out again and see if we could replicate the issues you and your daughter were experiencing. We do note that the pieces can be somewhat finicky, but as long as we ensured we pushed each piece securely together, the circuit does complete and the lights light up. Snap Circuits is an excellent product, and we carried it for a time too, but the reason we have stuck with Circuit Maze is because of its specific critical thinking aspect. Not only will your child understand more about circuits by working through this set, but they will also develop the ability to think critically as they work through the challenges to fill in the missing pieces. Snap Circuits does a great job explaining circuits but does not include the critical thinking aspect, which is what we were looking for in this game. Snap Circuits will tell you to place A next to B next to C, whereas Circuit Maze will tell you where A is and you will have to figure out how to get to C. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We are sure other families will find this to be clarifying and helpful. --The Timberdoodle Team
    A big hit!
    I was skeptical...

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