4-D Heart Puzzle

4-D Heart Puzzle

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Timberdoodle's Review
Learn How the Heart Is Put Together!
Every day it pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood through over 60,000 miles of arteries, veins, and capillaries, creating enough pressure to squirt blood up to 30 feet, yet we know so little about the physical structure of the heart.

When our four oldest studied Emergency Medical Training, they remarked on how complex were the ways the human heart works and how difficult it was to grasp these intricacies with mere textbooks. So when our initial shipment of hearts arrived, our children immediately gifted their instructors with them.

Basic but Precise Understanding
Now, future EMT students can more easily comprehend this marvelous design. The Heart Puzzle has been designed, developed, and produced to provide both children and pre-med students a basic but precise knowledge of the atria and ventricles, as well as detailing the superior vena cava, aortic arch, mitral and tricuspid valves, and the septum. Studying a highly-detailed, miniature medical model is helpful; building one is even more effective and results in eager learners.

The Heart Puzzle consists of 31 finely-detailed, hand-painted pieces and includes an instruction brochure that has a detailed glossary of parts and their functions. Because small pieces could pose a choking hazard, the Heart Puzzle is recommended for children ages eight and up. Stand is included.

About Museum-Quality 4-D Puzzles
Enthusiasts of these startlingly lifelike puzzles are multiplying rapidly and it is no wonder why. These ingenious, museum-quality puzzles have been highly recognized for their authenticated look, meticulous finishing, and fastidious painting. Marketed as 4-D Puzzles, the fourth "D" denoting the "detailed" aspect to the three-dimensional puzzles, not only is the company undergoing exponential growth, but so are the knockoffs. Don't settle for the cheaper versions, they will cause your child nothing but grief.

Spend Hours Learning by Doing
Each one of these puzzles can be put together and pulled back apart countless times, which is perfect for families with many children. They do contain small parts that can be a choking hazard for younger children, but children six years and older will spend hours learning while doing.

  • Up to Medical Educational Quality
  • Fine Detailed Sculpturing with Hand-Painted Parts
  • Comes with a Display Stand

  • Product Size: 8.53 cm tall
    Made In: China
    Faith-Based: No

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Customer Reviews

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    Original review posted with an update

    3/9/15 update posted after receiving a replacement puzzle from Timberdoodle: UPDATE: Timberdoodle sent a replacement heart and it works perfectly. The kids have enjoyed it for over a week and nothing has broken. The customer service from Daniel (with Timberdoodle) was fantastic! We are looking forward to adding to our 3-D puzzle collection.2/18/15: This was such a great idea and my kids loved getting it from for Valentine's Day, but it broke in 2 places with in the first 24 hours. I would have maybe expected that if my 3 year old had gotten a hold of it, but this was with my older kids, who are 10 & 12. 1 stars

    Don't Waste Money

    I bought it because I loved the idea of the kids being able to look and touch as we learned about the heart in science. However, they didn't learn a thing except frustration as the experience quickly went from bad to worse. The pole for the stand did not fit properly so we could not even stand it up/display it. The directions were a challenge to say the least and we managed to get it together more from trial and error. The pieces would not stay together and every time we moved a movable piece it fell apart. Love the concept, but the product is greatly lacking. You're better off using a nicely illustrated book.

    It is awefully small. I

    It is awefully small. I was deciding between yours an another brand. The other had a really nice direction booklet on how to put it together and an explaination. I will say I am disappointed in the tiny booklet. ththe t

    I Heart This

    Why I like this:
    This is great for studying because I can touch and move the parts. I like the colors and the stand is sturdy. It's a fun puzzle to put together, but some of the pieces were hard to squeeze in. It's easy to take apart, but I prefer to keep it on the stand and look at it and open the flaps. It's nice because I can do this without the whole thing falling apart. This is a great product.

    Tactile learners adore!

    My hands-on learner couldn't wait to be old enough to study circulation after seeing her sister get to play with this during her studies!! Fun & learning was included!! I even learned a little!

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