Latin Everywhere, Everyday - Teacher Edition

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Timberdoodle's Review
This teacher's manual contains the answers to all the exercises in the student workbook. Additional exercises include 14 quizzes and 181 oral questions and answers. The accompanying digital download offers a Latin pronunciation of each phrase, motto, and abbreviation.

While we recommend this program for ages 10 and older, with more parental involvement younger children could have a blast learning these phrases.

About Latin Everywhere, Everyday:
Let's be honest, shall we? Who really wants to study Latin, describe grammatically the parts of speech, and explain the inflection and syntactical relationships? Isn't it difficult enough to stay motivated as you master conjugating verbs for a language that is living? And if Latin is a dead language, what is the point? If you embrace classical learning, then you may be dumbfounded to hear that many of us are weary of feeling the pressure to study Latin. Dead or not, Latin underpins many languages; over half of our English words have their base in Latin. Plus, we encounter its abbreviations every day in the form of lbs, pm, even etc.

So, while our family has dutifully worked our way through a couple of programs, and we continue to sell what we consider the best for those of you determined to master this subject, the truth is, all we have ever really wanted for our family is to have a nodding acquaintance with Latin terms that they will encounter in day-to-day living. Previously there was no painless way to accomplish this, but now there is.

Latin Everywhere, Everyday is an easy-to-use workbook of Latin phrases and mottoes for children 10 and older. Your children will learn 180 Latin phrases, one a day, and you will finish this program in a year. Your children will also learn Latin mottoes of states, colleges, and organizations and maybe for the first time they will fully understand the 29 common Latin abbreviations we use every day. Lots of exercises make mastery easy. The accompanying information is interesting, the illustrations intriguing, and there are plenty of exercises to bring it all home.

  • Answers to all exercises from the student workbook
  • Quizzes to assess students' learning of the phrases, mottoes, and abbreviations
  • Exercises for students who have studied Latin and answers to these exercises
  • Additional games and projects
  • Audio download that offers a clear pronunciation in Latin of every phrase, motto, and abbreviation in the student workbook

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Elizabeth Heimbach
    Pages: 168
    Binding: Paperback
    Copyright: 2005
    ISBN: 978-0865165892
    Publisher: Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
    Readings and Performance: James W. Chochola
    Consumable: No

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