Understanding Viruses with Max Axiom

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Timberdoodle's Review
Understanding Viruses with Max Axiom
Includes: A Microscopic World, Bacteria and Viruses, Attack and Counterattack, and Staying Healthy. Includes additional facts, glossary, appropriate internet sites, and recommended books.
Trade paperback, 32 p.

About the Graphic Science Series:
What an incredibly unique way to teach science! Start with an ultra cool superhero scientist who can shrink to the size of an atom, or slip into a lab coat to travel through time, or even slip on a pair of sunglasses to obtain x-ray vision. Add engrossing graphics and short reader-friendly sentences, and there you have it, the Max Axiom series of graphic novels.

Max Axiom is your child's tour guide as he demonstrates and explains science in a thoroughly engaging and memorable way. These books are especially useful for children who find reading to be a drag or science a bore. Max Axiom's action-packed graphic narrative format makes science not only accessible but also attractive.

Scientific Terminology Explained
Each title is rich with detailed accurate information, scientific terminology is clearly defined and presented in a reader-friendly way. Some books also include well-done detailed diagrams to clarify the more difficult topics. Each vivid full-color book focuses on a single theme presenting it in an interesting and understandable way. All 32-page books include several pages with more facts, a glossary with kid-friendly definitions, a bibliography, and links to websites.

An Excellent Resource
Solid science and captivating graphic-novel illustrations make these books an excellent resource for your family's library. One caveat, these are published by a secular company, so occasional references to evolution may appear.
  • Full-color drawings engage the reader
  • Each volume is complete in 32-pages
  • Powerful graphics capture and hold student interest

  • Author: Agnieszka Biskup
    Pages: 32
    Binding: Paperback
    Copyright: 2009
    ISBN: 9781429634533
    Publisher: Capstone Press
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

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    I love it when my kids learn without realizing it!

    This graphic novel series is about a super scientist who shows and explains how the world works from his unique perspectives (by shrinking or defying natural properties so he can explain the principles of science). It's written simply enough that I can read it with my kindergartener and he will pick up a lot of the basic understanding, my second grader can read most of it on his own (except some scientific terms), and my 5th grader reads it for fun and helps him to remember the science basics he has learned over the past few years. I've never assigned the kids to read these books! I just find them lying around the house as they choose to read them on their own! The book of Viruses have been great for the kids to understand more about how much effect things can have even when they're small and unseen! This book will lead to more hand washing! Enjoy!

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