A History of US - Complete Set (Books 1-10)

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A History of US Ten-Volume Set
Are you looking for an American History course that encourages critical thinking about events past and present, engaging enough that the information sticks? A History of US tells a clear story of United States history with scores of illustrations, photographs, and fascinating sidebars. This award-winning series brings American history to life through occasional first-person comments and striking short biographies. With no religious undertones, A History of US works well for families using charter schools and any family who has a passion for a thought-provoking US history narrative that spans from the earliest unwritten eras to the 21st century. A History of US consists of 10 paperback volumes, neatly divided into two parts, each of which can be completed within a school year.

Note: Written for a mainstream audience, A History of US does contain some bits of evolutionary supposition and the like. Additionally, history is brutal, and some text and photographs may be uncomfortable for young students. We are sure that religious and non-religious families alike will find this a beneficial series, but we encourage parents to dialogue often with their students, and if possible, to read or skim ahead of them.

You can also purchase this complete set in two parts:

A History of US Part 1 (Books 1-5)
A History of US Part 2 (Books 6-10)

Potential Edits
These are the pages we'd recommend looking at. If a picture was vague enough you might not care but clear enough it raised a question in our mind, we went ahead and noted it here for your convenience. Volumes 3-5 did not raise any significant flags.
Volume 1:
Nudity, page 53, 57, 78, 82, 112, 133, 158
Volume 2:
Graphic content: 30, 45, 49, 79, 102, 103, 139

While it is impossible to retell stories of war without violence, there are a few pages we highly recommend that you look at before you hand this to your sixth-grader. Some families feel that their students are ready for these not-intended-to-be-sensual depictions, while others will definitely prefer to edit or at least be aware of the content before their child gets to it. Volumes 6-8 did not raise any significant flags other than a note that war is always ugly.
Volume 9:
Graphic content, pages 116-123 (holocaust), page 135
Volume 10:
Nudity, page 132
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Published: 05 March 2007
Illustrations: Numerous color & b/w illus. throughout
ISBN: 9780195327267
Edition: Revised Third Edition
Author: Joy Hakim
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Awards, Reviews, and Endorsements:
James A. Michener Award in Writing from the National Council of the Social Studies in 1997
Parents' Choice Gold Award in 1995 for a Reference book for ages 9–12

"A big breath of fresh air and the best possible news for the youngsters who get to read these books."
--David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of John Adams

"The liveliest, most realistic, most well-received American history series ever written for children."
--the Los Angeles Times

"One of the best nonfiction series of the decade... Impossible to put down... Belong[s] in every reference collection."
--School Library Journal

"[An] exciting series... Ms. Hakim braids multiple narratives together to bring alive material long dead to children's imaginations."
--The New York Times Book Review

"Joy Hakim didn't rewrite history. But she did make it a whole lot more fun to read."
--Education Week

"Readers young and old will find themselves amused, amazed, and engrossed by this searching, opinionated survey. In every sense a fresh look at our history."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Merits every accolade, starting with the most personal: I couldn't put it down."
--Washington Post Book World

"A thorough and accurate narrative of our nation's history."
--The Philadelphia Inquirer

"I think this is the best American history written for young people that I have ever seen."
--David Herbert Donald, Harvard University; Pulitzer prize-winning author of Lincoln

"When master storyteller Joy Hakim wields her pen, you're in for a breathtaking adventure."
--Teaching K-8

"An attention to detail and drama alike make these recommended choices for not only readers ages 8-13 but for entire families."
--Children's Bookwatch

"Absorbing, real and even fun to read."
--Voice of Youth Advocates

"Books of real substance that speak directly to kids."
--Jean Fritz, author of Shhh, We're Writing the Constitution

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