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Timberdoodle's Review
Code Rocket
Do you have an imaginative child who does not want to actually build circuits but would love the opportunity to tinker with them? Code Rocket, designed by parents, educators, and engineers, gives your creative child a chance to experience hands-on coding. Like a foreign language, coding takes time to learn, and the younger you learn, the easier coding should be to pick up. Using the same code language used at NASA, Code Rocket teaches C++ coding through 20 kid-friendly projects. Using a computer and Code Rocket, kids learn how computer programming can control physical objects. And they get immediate feedback by coding the rocket’s multi-colored LED lights, buttons, and built-in speaker.

Parents who are new to coding will be grateful that each project incorporates an online video that takes your child through the code line by line, explaining clearly the concepts at work. Even students with no prior experience will learn how to edit, compile and execute code.

Each project begins with your student uploading a functioning program to the rocket, then tinkering with the code to see what each line controls. After watching the explanatory video, your child will be ready to complete a challenge that modifies or improves the starting code. Finally, after briefly reading concepts and completing a mini quiz, your student can tackle the project’s final quest: a bug hunt. There, he will find and fix the bug planted in the code. Hints are available! Code Rocket includes a USB cable and plugs into a standard USB port on a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer.

Manufacturer's Description:
  • STEM learning through coding the Rocket’s LED lights, speaker, and buttons
  • Kids 8 - 12 learn real C++ computer coding skills with fun hands-on activities
  • Free software works on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers
  • 20 projects in the free online software guide the learning process. No experience required!
  • Great educational gift that keeps kids and parents happy. Inspires future coders!
  • Features
    Awards and Endorsements:
    • Tillywig Toy Awards Brain Child Award Winner!
    • 2019 National Parenting Product Awards Winner!

    Code Rocket Review by Homeschool Family Stuff

    review by Homeschool Family Stuff

    ”There are twelve different lights that can go on and off, brighten or dim, and flash. Each level adds more options in the code.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen

    review by Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen

    ”Overall it is truly a very neat concept that can really prepare you child for real world coding and work on several computer skills they will need in our technology driven world.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Momz in the Know

    review by Momz in the Know

    ”Don't let the small size fool you! Although the Code Rocket board is small, there are so many intricate coding activities involved including lights, sounds, and buttons.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Educational Roots

    review by Educational Roots

    ”For anyone ages 8 to adult who is new to coding, this is a perfect introduction to coding.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Life in the Mundane

    review by Life in the Mundane

    ”All in all, we really enjoyed this program and we're looking forward to continuing it.”

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    Code Rocket Review by 200 Fingers and Toes

    review by 200 Fingers and Toes

    ”I’ve tried a few other programs for this particular program and this required the least direction from me by far!”

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    Code Rocket Review by Mimi's Dollhouse

    review by Mimi's Dollhouse

    ”Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your kids how to code? Code Rocket might be just the tool you need to spark that love of coding in your elementary age child.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Cummins Life

    review by Cummins Life

    ”I love that students can jump into Code Rocket without any experience. This is such a great resource and it just might release the inner coder in your child.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Oaxacaborn

    review by Oaxacaborn

    ”Code Rocket lets you teach kids to code, even if you have no idea how. The video lessons — and the interactive circuit board — walk kids through fun C++ programming projects.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Inside Our Normal

    review by Inside Our Normal

    ”Because it has both a hands-on and physical component to the lessons, the Code Rocket is great because it allows the child to really see the results of the code they are creating when it is sent via the USB cord to the rocket each time they update it.”

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    Code Rocket Review by Homeschool and Humor

    review by Homeschool and Humor

    ”To help making coding understandable and fun to learn, Code Rocket helps beginner coding for kids by making coding fun with interactive lessons that are designed for children with little or no experience at all!”

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    Code Rocket Review by Thrift Schooling

    review by Thrift Schooling

    ”This project dives so much deeper, teaching your child eight and older how to configure the code directly from their computer.”

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