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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Fifth-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Fifth-Grade Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Increase Your Knowledge by Drawing
Most adults can probably do a rough sketch of Texas, Florida, and California. But unless you or a loved one lives in Iowa or West Virginia, you may be at a loss if asked to sketch those states. Draw the USA will give your child an opportunity you probably didn’t have while significantly increasing his knowledge of the United States.

Learn in Small, Incremental Steps
With small, incremental steps your student will work through the entire USA, drawing each state as it connects to its neighbors until he can draw it all from memory. Students will especially appreciate the author’s brief comments such as “Appropriately, Louisiana (LA) is shaped like a thick L,” which give them a hook to hang their memory on. Draw the USA is a fun, easy way for your child to learn the states so that he can connect them to weather, history, and current events. Non-consumable.

Consumable: No – students draw on separate paper rather than in the book.
Faith-Based: No


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