People, Places, and Events of World History

People, Places, and Events of World History

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Grades: 8th-12th

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People, Places, & Events of World History
World History Text – Sample

This world history text, designed for high-school students, studies basic components of cultures from 5000 BC through 2011 AD. Chapter one begins with evidence of civilization in the Fertile Crescent and expands to the major continents of the world, covering the key elements Agriculture, Architecture, Communication, Discoveries, Dominant Personalities, Education, Families, Food, Government, Industry, Energy, Military, Religion, Sports, and Transportation.

People, Places, and Events of World History uses a conversational narrative style designed to engage students and make the information understandable, and thus memorable. Selected vocabulary words are highlighted and defined to help enrich the students’ understanding. Illustrations and maps are sprinkled through each chapter to create mental images that solidify comprehension.

This course consists of six friendly, softcover text “chapters” and six softcover companion student activity books. Your child will simply read the texts and complete the activity books. You'll especially appreciate that the text is written to the student and designed to be self-teaching. How important at this age! People, Places, and Events of World History is designed for one transcript credit.

Kit Includes: Six soft cover texts with six soft cover companion student activity books.

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Grade: 8th-12th
ISBN: 9781594763670
Vendor: Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum
Binding: Paperback
Faith-Based: No

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People, Places, and Events of World History

Although this is not a Christian curriculum, I liked the content in this curriculum because it laid out the facts of history proving there is a God, the flood really did happen, Jesus is real, and so many other biblical truths. The facts speak for themselves. For example, civilization started (according to the curriculum at around 5000 BC but then restarted around 4000 BC, but no one knows why. I know why, Noah's flood. Although I liked this curriculum it was very dry for my son. It is packed with facts and is not what I would consider a "living book" (a book that makes history come alive). Therefore, I would not choose this if I had to do it over again, but for a child that is very fact based and likes to do workbooks to learn and retain information it might be a good choice. There are workbooks that go with each of the six chapters.

This provides the structure one

This provides the structure one daughter needed to finish world history and document her work. Very readable.

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