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Timberdoodle's Review
Cut College Costs with Advanced Placement
Advanced Placement (AP) classes are not for every student, but if you have a child who is college-bound, consider this: About one-third of all students entering college have taken at least one AP exam, and of those, nearly ten percent were able to enter college as sophomores. With today's staggering tuition costs, that alone is hugely significant. Even if your child takes only one AP exam for a course required by his major, he will not only save the excessive tuition and book costs for that course, but by accomplishing this while at home he will also save the corresponding room and board costs.

Other Benefits Include:
• Reduced course load, allowing your child to take fewer classes while in college, and giving him more time to dedicate to particularly troublesome courses.
• Completion of AP exams signals to admission officers your child's preparedness for college.
• More flexibility in your child's college classes, so he can pick up an elective or two that would be prohibitive under other circumstances.

Thinkwell AP Courses Help Students Prepare
While taking an AP course is not required to take an AP exam, we think you will find that Thinkwell Advanced Placement courses can help your child acquire the skills and habits he will need to be successful in the exam. Thinkwell AP courses explain, illustrate, and demonstrate online with engaging multimedia video lectures. Simply watch a ten-minute video, then practice the exercises; it is that easy.

What You Need to Succeed on AP Exams
Thinkwell AP courses are complete packages with lessons, automatically graded exercises that provide immediate feedback to allow your child to quickly determine in which areas he'll need to spend extra time studying, diagnostic tests that tell you exactly what he'll need to study, plus exams and automatic grading. All courses are online, so your child can view them anywhere. The concise, illustrated review notes further help your child to distill the ideas and concepts he'll need to grasp in order to succeed on AP exams.

The Edge Your College-Bound Student Is Looking For
Thinkwell AP courses are subscription-based, but subscriptions don't start until you are ready. You can buy now and wait up to one year to activate your subscription. At that point, your child will have access to the course for twelve months. However, you can purchase extra time in one-month, three-month, and six-month increments if needed. Used at over 450 colleges and universities, with lectures by award-winning teachers, Thinkwell AP courses will give your college-bound child the edge he is looking for.

Instead of purchasing a physical product, with Thinkwell you are purchasing an online subscription that gives you online access to the program for a set amount of time.

Once You've Purchased and Activated Your Subscription, Just Follow These Easy Steps:

1. Watch a five- to ten-minute online video lesson featuring award-winning teachers. Our complete courses include over 150 topics.
2. Do the automatically graded exercises for the topic. You'll get instant correct-answer feedback.
3. Move on to the next lesson!

It really is as simple as that! How do we keep homeschooling easy for students and parents?

• Thinkwell online videos work with any learning style, so any student can be successful.
• Automatically graded exercises mean parents can leave the grading to us, and monitor their student's progress at their convenience.
• Complete glossaries, full-color printable notes, and most courses even include automatically graded practice and chapter tests, as well as mid-terms and finals.
AP Calculus BC details
Did you know that fewer than 50% of students taking the AP Calculus exam make a 3 or above? The AP Calculus BC exam is one of the toughest around, so use the best teacher possible - learn the fundamentals of calculus from award-winning teacher Edward Burger. Your student will learn and remember everything he needs to ace the AP Calculus BC exam by using calculus on the web instead of an old-fashioned textbook.

The AP Calculus BC exam requires mastery of the AB topics; AP Calculus AB is sold separately.

Thinkwell's Calculus BC includes all of these features to prepare you for the big exam:
• Equivalent to 11th- or 12th-grade AP Calculus BC
• More than 100 video lessons
• 1000+ interactive AP Calculus BC problems with immediate feedback allow you to track your progress
• Calculus BC practice chapter tests for all five chapters, as well as a final exam to make sure you're ready for the AP Calculus BC exam
• Printable illustrated notes for each topic
• Real-world application examples in both lectures and exercises
• Closed captioning for all videos
• Glossary of more than 200 mathematical terms

Engaging content to help students advance their mathematical knowledge:
• Indeterminate forms and L'Hopital's rule
• Elementary functions and their inverses
• Techniques of integration, including integration by partial fractions and trigonometric substitution
• Improper integrals
• Disks, washers, shells, and other applications of integral calculus
• Sequences and series
• Differential equations
• Parametric equations and polar coordinates
• Vector calculus

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