The Mystery of History Vol 2 - Audio Book CD Set

The Mystery of History Vol 2 - Audio Book CD Set

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Audio Book - The Mystery of History Vol II, 1st Edition
Relax as you listen to the stories of the Early Church, learn about the spread of Islam, hear tales of knights and damsels, experience the poetry of Dante, and much more!

The Early Church and the Middle Ages
Since the 2004 publication of The Mystery of History, Volume II, students of all ages have enjoyed the fascinating time period of the Early Church and the Middle Ages, from the conversion of Paul (about A.D. 31) to the invention of the printing press (1456).

The Mystery of History series has long been a favorite among Timberdoodle customers. Classic, chronological, and complete, it is full of interesting historical accounts; attention-grabbing, multi-age activities; supplementary book and video lists; and useful timeline suggestions. Now this fabulous program is even easier to use, thanks to this twelve-CD audio set.

Through the personal narration of the author, Linda Hobar, you and your children can relax and listen to the text of volume II. If you have the Mystery of History text in hand, you can read along with the author as she personally narrates the stories. Without the text, you can relax and listen as Linda speaks directly to you and your family.

Delightfully mixed background music adds excitement and drama to these significant history lessons.

Audio CDs free mom up to drive, knit, or just cuddle while the entire family unravels the mysteries of the ancient world. 

In co-op or Sunday school, in the car or at bedtime--there are endless ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.

(Please note that this audio set contains story lessons only and does not include pretests, activities, quizzes, exercises, or similar items.)

Total listening time: 13 hours, 58 minutes
Listen to mp3 Sample of Lesson 37
Listen to mp3 Sample of Lesson 47
Listen to mp3 Sample of Richard the Lionhearted, Saladin, and the Third Crusade

Author: Linda Lacour Hobar
Narrator: Linda Lacour Hobar
Format: 12 Audio CDs - 88 Tracks
Total Listening Time: 13 hours, 58 minutes, 24 seconds
Copyright: 2010
Publisher: The Mystery of History
Made In: USA
Faith-Based: Yes

Awards and Endorsements:
The Old Schoolhouse 2013 Excellence in Education Winner

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It is great. Helps our

It is great. Helps our school day so much. It frees me up to check on the other kids as the others listen to history on the cd.