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We suggest using our free simple checklists and schedule planners (require free Adobe Reader) to quickly plan for an entire year.

Step 1: Download The Free Curriculum Checklist PDF
While you could go crazy planning a year's homeschool curriculum, why? This insanely simple checklist can be easily reviewed for each student; ensuring you'll have no overlooked subjects this year.

Step 2: Purchase Curriculum To Fill Any Gaps
Want some help? Click on the appropriate grade level below to find our recommendation for each subject for each grade. You'll also find starter ideas for additional supplemental material. Need help deciding or additional information? Call us at 800-478-0672 or contact us online. We're here to help.

Step 3: Download The Free Annual And Weekly Scheduling Planners
Use these simple and straightforward planners to map out your entire school year week by week. This approach has worked well for our family for decades – we think you'll find it easy to work with all year long. (The free scheduling planners can be downloaded by clicking the link located under each grade level below.)

Step 4: Relax!

You'll feel free to enjoy the last weeks of summer knowing you are ready for the new school year and all the adventures it will bring!