We are delighted to be able to offer to our fellow home educators a marvelous series of art instruction books from How Great Thou Art Publications. Developed by former public school teacher Barry Stebbing, the daily lessons have been created to be so clear and precise that anyone can be successful. Ideal for home educators who want to give their children the basics of art, but are easily intimidated by their own lack of ability.

Each How Great Thou Art Publications spiral-bound workbook has places for the children to practice their assignment on. While you may prefer to purchase additional sketchbooks for extra practice, I appreciate having everything all together so that I can see any progress at a glance. As may be obvious by the title, Barry Stebbing teaches from a Christian perspective, and fellow believers will be delighted to see the emphasis on Godliness throughout the program. In all levels you will need to purchase supplementary art supplies to implement this program to its fullest, but all are inexpensive and easy to acquire.