Why We Like Wedgits
Wedgits is one of those rare finds. A multi-dimensional building set, Wedgits pieces fit perfectly together without interlocking help. Most children are immediately drawn to the sturdy plastic pieces and eagerly explore the various stacking, nesting, and balancing patterns. With your assistance, they will see the relationships between horizontal and vertical construction. And when they run out of their own designs, they can take advantage of the Wedgits design cards.

Wedgits Teach Effortlessly
Colors and sizes are the most obvious features of Wedgits but perhaps not as obviously there is an amazing amount of spatial and geometric learning to be discovered with the use of Wedgits. For the young child (or stroke victim) the design cards provide lots of opportunities for 2D-3D matching, following directions, and fine motor skills. Addictive, well reviewed, and hard to put down, Wedgits creations will challenge anyone's dexterity as well as their creative thinking skills.

Three Types of Wedgits
  • Wee Wedgits are made of rubber-ducky-type material for the safety of your smallest family members.
  • Original Wedgits come in standard packs and in Starter Sets which include jumbo green pieces instead of the smallest white octahedrons, making them safe for the under-three crowd. This size has been a perennial favorite, particularly with the 3 to 12-year-old crowd.
  • MiniWedgits are the newest addition to the Wedgits family. With pieces too small for preschoolers, this set is a Timberdoodle favorite both because of its lower per-piece cost and because it is a wonderful mixture of fun and challenge with the 1/2"-3 7/8" pieces. Totally addictive, and a terrific gift!