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2nd Grade Horizons Math "This book explains each new area as it comes up, reviews without undue repetition and approaches the same area from different angles to keep it interesting..."
Language Lessons "We love the Language Lessons series by Sandi Queen! ...The pictures are absolutely fantastic!! We use these for all of our children who are school age and will continue to use them for our younger ones..."
"I really liked the easy to use style of this book. I just gave one of the worksheets to my kindergartner and she could do them! A great start for handwriting and kept her occupied while I helped someone else."
The Reading Lessons "I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! It was so easy to teach my five year old how to read to the 2nd grade level! My three year old twins are really close to reading with this book! Thank you."
"I am absolutely thrilled to see Timberdoodle stocking the Now I'm Reading! series of phonics readers. I have used these readers in conjunction with 100 Easy lessons to teach 3 children to read and they are excellent..."
"...All the stories are engaging and amusing with excellent illustrations. Each reader gives a synopsis of what sounds and words are covered on the back cover and stickers are provided for the child to stick to the open cover once they have read the book. I highly recommend them."
"When it comes to science for young children, nothing beats the convenience of an all-in-one kit. The ability to grab a box and do science is a huge blessing..."
"I purchased the Geopuzzles to add some hands-on fun into our daily learning. Wow! This was a hit! AND not only for my children, but everyone who came into our home when a Geopuzzle was out!"
"Colorful photos are paired with large, easy-to-read physical and political maps of the world and each of its continents in this award-winning atlas perfect for beginning explorers...."
"Great stuff!! These books provide just the right amount of challenge for a beginning learner. Every page different. Each book just a little more challenging. My 4 year old, now 5 loves them!"
"The colors are beautiful and the putty does so many different things depending on how you work with it... I am amazed at how long they are quiet while they play with the putty!"
"Geoboards are a fun way to improve fine motor and visual discrimination skills! Using sixteen simple pictures, your children will be asked to match shapes and colors as they copy each picture onto their Geoboards..."
Story of the World 3 "A fun game that really builds memory and observation skills."
"Visual perception is among the last skills a child develops, yet it is a skill that he will use for a lifetime, whether he is reading, finishing a puzzle, or doing open heart surgery..."
"These are the greatest toys! Whenever they are out at our house, people (children and adults) are drawn to them as if to a magnet... Don't just buy one set. I guarantee you will soon want more. (I had to place a second emergency order!)..."
"These are our family's favorite beginning readers. The simple text and amusing story-lines are inherently motivating, even for reluctant readers!"
Kindergarten Curriculum Purchase an entire year's Kindergarten Curriculum in less than 5 minutes!