99 Stories I Could Tell

99 Stories I Could Tell

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99 Stories I Could Tell
The elements of creative writing and doodling join forces to produce a book like no other, 99 Stories I Could Tell. By finishing doodles and answering questions, this journal will help your teen create a list of 99 stories worthy of being told. With that list, your teen can make a comic, write a song, or even write a memoir.

At the beginning of 99 Stories I Could Tell there are oodles of doodles and prompts to curate and unearth buried childhood memories, but as the book progresses, your teen will find it easier and easier to conceive of stories with less support. 99 Stories I Could Tell comes with a removable silk-screened PVC jacket that protects an uncoated cover that your teen can customize.

From the Publisher:
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Strange Planet and NYC Basic Tips and Ettiquette and Strange Planet comes 99 Stories I Could Tell, a guided journal with 99 prompts plus a customizable cover. 

Nathan Pyle takes journalers for a creative ride through the pages of this product--each prompt comes with a mix of black lines (solid boundaries to color) and blue lines (to trace and use as a jumping off point for further imagination. The prompts move from extremely suportive towards the start of the journal (giving the journaler lots of structure so as not to intimidate them) to more free-form , the idea being that the journaler's skills will increase the more they progress.

The prompts themselves are a collection of inventive and humorous trips down memory lane, helping journalers curate and draw their most prized recollections, and also to unearth memories they didn't know they had (a lie you were told as a child that you believed until recently, or the first fictional death you experienced). With a well-honed sensibility for what shares well online and what people are searching for, each of the 99 stories has been chosen because it prompts emotional resonance and will be content people will be excited to share on their social media. The prompts can also be mixed and matched to create all new narratives, the way musical notes can be lined up differently to make new tunes.

Package wise, this journal is a large square, big enough to satisfy doodlers, but light enough to easily fit in a backpack or totebag. The book's jacket is a silk-screened PVC case which adds to the nostalgic feel (reminiscent of a toy); the jacket is also removeable to reveal an uncoated cover where journalers can embellish the design in their own way, making each and every journal totally customizable.

Author: Nathan W. Pyle
Publisher: Morrow Gift/Harper Collins Publishers
Pages: 112
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780062748355
Faith-Based: No
99 Stories I Could Tell Review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

”What a fun idea to just have a reference point to jog your memory about a story you have to tell. It makes me think of a time when stories were passed from one person to another, and sometimes one generation to another just through word of mouth. What a great skill to develop!”

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Linda G.
Perfect for creative kids

This has been a fun little book for my ninth grader. For the creative writer and artist she is this has been worth it.

Elaine B.

This book is inspiring and fun.