Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3

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Daily 6-Trait Writing
Help your child develop writing skills using daily lessons that fit into every language arts program. Are you familiar with trait writing? Trait-based writing is an impressive method educators have developed to determine if a child's writing is skilled or not.

The six traits or characteristics that shape quality writing are content; organization; word choice; sentence fluency; voice; and conventions, which include grammar, spelling, and mechanics. It may sound ominous, but Daily 6-Trait Writing has made it effortless.

With 125 dynamic writing lessons, Daily 6-Trait Writing will provide your child practice and instruction concerning all the skills essential to becoming a competent writer. Research proves that a solid understanding of the six traits of writing improves a child's ability to write successfully, and just fifteen minutes or less a day is all it will take. Daily 6-Trait Writing is correlated to state standards for educators, with a dash of fun for our apprentice writers.

Twenty-five weeks of instruction cover the following trait-based writing skills:

Week 1: Choosing a Strong Idea
Week 2: Writing a Topic Sentence
Week 3: Using the 5 Ws to Add Details
Week 4: Adding More Details
Week 5: Sticking to Your Topic

Week 1: Beginning, Middle, and End
Week 2: Putting Things in the Right Order
Week 3: Grouping Together Ideas and Details
Week 4: Grouping by How Things Are Alike or Different
Week 5: Choosing Which Way to Organize Your Writing

Word Choice
Week 1: Choosing Strong Verbs and Adverbs
Week 2: Choosing Colorful Adjectives
Week 3: Telling Exactly Who or What
Week 4: Using Creative Language
Week 5: Getting the Reader's Attention

Sentence Fluency
Week 1: Writing Strong Sentences
Week 2: Revising Run-on Sentences
Week 3: Combining Sentences with "and," "but," and "or"
Week 4: More Ways to Combine Sentences
Week 5: Writing a Smooth Paragraph

Week 1: Examining Different Writing Styles
Week 2: Using Formal and Informal Language
Week 3: Creating a Mood
Week 4: Writing from Different Points of View
Week 5: Developing Your Own Voice
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Number of Pages: 160
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Edition/Copyright: 2008
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ISBN: 9781596732971
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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Choice!

The lessons were very easy to follow for my 3rd grader and she did not feel too overwhelmed to do it herself. We always start our day with this.

Easy and quick to use.

My son doesn't love writing but these lessons are short and sweet. He is able to complete them independently and doesn't mind working through this workbook.

Jenna S.
A great Workbook

I love this workbook and so does my son. It's right on point for where I see other 3rd graders. However, there could be more substance to the daily tasks. I feel I have to supplement with other material. That the only reason I gave it 3 stars.

Short, Sweet, To The Point

Great option for us! Between his geography writing, spelling you see, literature and Language arts he feels some days like all he does is write so he is happy to see this book! It's nice how the week builds to an inevitable writing prompt where he can apply the weeks information.

Sasha R.

These are definitely not our favorite for my 9 years young daughter. First the answers are in flip view. Second there just not that interesting to her.