Easy Grammar Ultimate Grade 9 Student Workbook

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Easy Grammar Ultimate Student Workbook

Most children dread grammar study because it is too complex. But Easy Grammar is just that, easy.

Essential Concepts in Just 10-15 Minutes a Day
The new Easy Grammar Ultimate series is designed specifically to introduce and teach essential grammar concepts to older students, regardless of their previous grammar background. In just ten to fifteen minutes a day, your child will be functioning at his grade level and be competent to undertake any state or college prep tests. As a bonus, as your child practices his grammar skills, he will also be learning age-appropriate history, science, literature, geography, and so much more.

This series contains 180 daily teaching lessons. Each lesson is divided into five parts:
#1 Capitalization
#2 Punctuation
#3 and #4 Grammar and Other Concepts
#5 Sentence Combining (with an emphasis on expository [informational] writing)

Though it is not required, most customers complete Easy Grammar Plus before they begin the Easy Grammar Ultimate series.
  • Easy to Teach...
  • Easy to Learn...
  • Easy to Remember!
  • Please Note: Requires Teacher's Manual!

    View Sample Pages: Day 5, Day 17, Day 42, Day 47, Day 74, Day 85, Day 86, Day 123

    Publisher's Information
    Author: Wanda C. Phillips
    Binding: Paperback
    ISBN: 978-0-936981-598
    Publisher: Easy Grammar Systems
    Printed In: USA
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: No

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    Great supplement

    This is a great supplement for our daughter.

    Perfect for every day grammar

    I love the easy grammar series and this is my second year using it. The layout of grade 9 is much different than 8 and although I was a bit put off by that at first, I quickly realized that my daughter loved it. Easy Grammar makes its super easy to get a daily lesson of grammar into any schedule. I'm a huge fan of this series.