Italic Handwriting Book F Grade 5

Italic Handwriting Book F Grade 5

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Timberdoodle's Review
Italic Handwriting Book F Grade 5
Figures of speech of the English language are used for cursive writing practice, including synonyms, antonyms, simile, metaphors, word origins, onomatopoeia, proverbs, homophones, homographs, analogies, oxymorons, tongue twisters, pangrams, and palindromes. Capitals practice: Native American nations, tribes, and communities. Includes history of letters and numerals.

Long-time Customer Favorite
The Italic Handwriting Series was the first, and for more than 12 years, the only handwriting program we carried at Timberdoodle. Known for its beautifully-legible appearance and natural flow, Italic Handwriting was a long-time favorite with our customers.

Alternative to Scripture-based Reason for Handwriting
We have since recommended A Reason for Handwriting, realizing that many of us would rather have our children copying Scripture than the meaningless sentences used in some secular handwriting programs. But there are also homeschooling families who either prefer not to use Scripture or have their curriculum funded through a public school system that won't pay for a Scripture-based program. For those families, and families who simply prefer the style and flow of Italic Handwriting, we are happy to reintroduce this series.

We Appreciate Legible Handwriting
We've always been fairly low-key about the need for a handwriting course. Being a mail-order business, we have seen handwriting of every description and realize good or bad handwriting is seemingly no hindrance to success in life. Back in the day when most of our orders actually came by mail, we undeniably appreciated good handwriting, and would comment amongst ourselves when an order form was particularly readable.

Smooth Transition from Printing to Cursive
The Italic Handwriting Series does more than teach fine skills. It resulted in something that was beautifully legible! This is the course we used with our children, and while the results admittedly varied depending on the child, Italic Handwriting was logical because the transition from printing to cursive was exceptionally smooth, and it is easy to write as it conforms to natural hand movements. Each Italic Handwriting book has the basics of how to form each letter and then age-appropriate exercises which students do in the workbook. New students should start the program at grade level.

From the Publisher:
Handwriting: It helps us learn, share ideas, and be creative.
Handwriting today is both a tool for learning and a professional skill. We need a handwriting style that keeps up with the demands of modern life. It needs to be legible and logical, easy to write, and easy to learn.

When it comes to being understood, handwriting still matters.
And yet, as authors Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay write, “American handwriting is in a woeful state. We have become a 'please print' nation. But there is hope. We can stop mumbling on paper and become legible writers. We can go italic.”

Keep the focus on learning.
For early learners, literacy and language development are foundations of readiness, and research suggests that handwriting is a key component. Learning to write letters and form words are powerful first steps toward academic success.

A seamless transition.
With the Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting Series, kids learn one alphabet — basic italic transitions naturally to cursive. In elementary school, handwriting is an important scaffold for basic literacy skills. For middle school students, fluent handwriting means more language arts success, and better preparation for high school.
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Author: Barbara Getty & Inga Dubay
Number of Pages: 64
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Getty-Dubay Productions
Edition/Copyright: 1994
Made In: USA
ISBN: 9780964921559
Reproducible: No
Faith-Based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
Homeschooling Parent Homeschool Friendly Stamp of Approval 2005 Seal of Approval 2006
The Old Schoolhouse EE Award Winner 2007
Practical Homeschooling Reader Award 2012

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
produced neat, legible handwriting

We started with Reason for Writing, but traditional cursive was very frustrating for all three of my kids. By the time we got to book F, all three were writing, if not beautifully, at least legibly and smoothly. After the series, one went on to master calligraphy, and another decided to teach himself traditional cursive and Spencerian penmanship, simply because they were interested in the way the italic script looked, and in the upper levels the student is encouraged to personalize his or her own hand. So this program turned out to be a good stepping stone to self-directed learning.

Pam f.M.
Beautiful Dreamer, Write on!

Sticks and balls belong on the playground, in my mind. Writing should flow, if you have to wield a pen or pencil. That's what this series offers. My children's penmanship improved while they did this program. Even my all-boy boy can write legibly when he puts his mind to it after using the Getty-Dubay books. They do offer some ideas for practicing in real life, but I would have liked more practice in the books themselves. I guess I'm just lazy that way.

Mary S.
We have used Italic Handwriting for 17+ years!!

We have used Italic Handwriting for years (17 and counting) on Timberdoodle's initial recommendation. People have always commented on how neat our children's handwriting is. It is very legible and moves into calligraphy easily with a chiseled marker. My older children complained a little that their friends and relatives were writing a different way so, after they were proficient at italic cursive, we went over conventional cursive and I told them they were free to adjust their handwriting if they liked. I have liked the results of Italic Handwriting and we are continuing to use it with the rest of our 11 children. A benefit to teaching it is that I have improved at calligraphy myself.

Michelle L.
My son LOVED it!!

My oldest son was resistant to learning cursive. Someone suggested letting him try calligraphy. It made me remember the information I had read about Italic Handwriting in the Timberdoodle catalog. We switched over to italic manuscript and then the transition to italic script was painless. My son LOVED it and his handwriting improved greatly. I also find using the program helpful for my other son who is dyslexic. He can work very independently and the lessons are short.

Kellyanne E.
Used this series with eight children!

I have been using this handwriting program for almost 20 years. I have used it with eight children (so far!) and I have been very pleased with the results. The children have been able to use the books without difficulty (or tears, a big plus). Some of my children have really made the effort to duplicate the beautiful handwriting in the books and have even been inspired to try the calligraphic hand taught in book G. Some of my children have not been as eager to emphasize their handwriting to that degree. However, even those who took the "only what is required" attitude, have fine, legible handwriting.