Mosdos Press Literature - Ruby - 4th Grade

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Mosdos Literature Ruby
Ruby builds on the knowledge base a fourth grader brings to the study of language arts and literature. Thought-provoking selections by authors including Elizabeth Friedrich, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Carol Fisher Saller provide the foundation for building strong language, reasoning, and writing skills. The book explores themes like courage, loyalty, compassion, and fair play. An innovative extensive poetry unit comprised of six dynamic lessons introduces fourth grade learners to the pleasure of understanding poetry and its complexity.

The Ruby set consists of the Student Reader, Student Activity Workbook, and two-part Teacher’s Edition. The extra student pack includes only the Student Reader and the Student Activity Workbook.

Ruby includes:
  • 20 short stories
  • 37 poetry selections
  • 5 nonfiction essays
  • 1 play
  • 3 biographies
  • Brief author biographies

  • About Mosdos Literature
    Literature cannot be neutral, but will either clash or harmonize with your family’s values. Mosdos Literature is a complete literature program that does not glamorize evil, nor present subject matter that is not age-appropriate. Neither does it portray as normal a cynical disregard for positive values, but reinforces the universal ideals of courage, honesty, loyalty, and compassion.

    Nearly 2 decades ago Mosdos Press launched a unique literature series that would teach all of the necessary language arts skills through a curriculum that promotes traditional values. Readings are from both classic and contemporary works that are wholesome, and stress both caring for others, and a concern for the natural world.

    Mosdos Literature begins with the Student Reader, which is beautifully illustrated using a generous amount of full color photographs, color drawings, and black-and-white pictures. From the beginning, Mosdos committed to collecting into the Student Readers only the most engaging, morally rich, and intellectually challenging selections of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, the novella, and for the older grades, novels. Before each story in the Student Reader, there is an introduction to the story and an explanation of some facet of literature. That literary focus can include what is a character, theme, internal and external conflicts, setting, climax, foreshadowing, and more. This literary component is developed and illuminated through the stories. Vocabulary words that might be unfamiliar are presented in boxes on the pages where the word first appears in the account. The stories are followed not just by the classic review questions designed to assess reading comprehension, but also by more complex questions that require thoughtful analysis. Every unit – there are several per book – concludes with activities such as writing a short skit, doing a craft, or memorizing a poem. Pick the ones that best suit your child; there are far too many to do them all.

    Next is the consumable and engaging Student Activity Workbook that works to expand the value of the Mosdos curriculum. For nearly every story in the Student Reader, the workbook contains corresponding vocabulary, creative writing, or comprehension questions, while also providing extended reinforcement of the literary elements being taught. These assignments help you to evaluate areas of progress in your child and concepts that might require additional work. The advantage of Mosdos Press is that the literature, vocabulary, and writing components all tie together, giving your child a chance to truly understand what was taught by approaching it in a variety of ways. Student Activity Workbooks vary by grade levels. For younger grades there are more word games and puzzles for vocabulary practice, activities that focus on various language arts skills, and brief composition work. In older grades the puzzles and games gradually decrease while increasing the amount of writing.

    Each Teacher’s Edition is detailed and well-organized. Through great commentary plus questions and answers, the Teacher’s Edition will make lively discussions with your child possible. Homeschooling parents will appreciate that Mosdos Press did not assume any level of expertise or teaching degree when preparing their Teacher Editions, so whether new or experienced, anyone can teach literature. Each page of the Student Reader is duplicated at a smaller size in the Teacher’s Edition, still abundantly easy to read. Information is arranged in the ample margins around these replicated pages, discussing the literary components found in each story with clear, concise explanations. Of course, the Teacher’s Guide also includes the answers for the Student Activity Workbook. This makes teaching a lot easier for every homeschool parent.

    So if you are homeschooling a child in grades three through eight and want a literature program that will encourage wholesome values but you are not comfortable with religious content, Mosdos Press fills this need with academic excellence and thought-provoking selections. The stories are colorful, engaging, and while not religious, they still reflect good precepts.


    Download PDF Student Edition Sample.
    Download PDF Student Activity Workbook Sample.
    Download PDF Teacher's Edition Sample.

    Literature Bundle Includes:
  • Student Reader
  • Workbook
  • Teacher's Edition

  • Extra Student Pack Includes:
  • Student Reader
  • Workbook

  • Faith-Based: No

    Student Edition
    Pages: 615
    Publication Date: 2009
    ISBN: 9780980167016

    Teacher's Edition
    Pages: 615+
    Binding: Spiral-bound in two parts
    Publication Date: 2009
    ISBN: 9780980167023

    Student Activity Workbook
    Pages: 180+
    Publication Date: 2009
    ISBN: 9780980167030
    Mosdos Press Literature - Ruby - 4th Grade Review by Mama Smiles

    review by Mama Smiles

    ”Finding a complete language arts curriculum can be a challenge. We love the Mosdos homeschool language arts curriculum for its thorough curriculum, interesting stories, and detailed lesson plans.”

    Read the Review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Jennifer C.

    I cannot say enough about this! I was nervous about moving to a literature based curriculum after finishing All About Reading. My 4th grader struggled to learn how to read, and I was worried about her comprehension. She enjoyed the stories, and while she didn't always love the workbook pages, the exercises really helped develop her reading comprehension.

    Regina D.
    Really enjoy these...

    The Mosdos curriculums are put together well. The lesson plans are easy to understand and work with. Highly recommend these...

    Cursive in Workbook: Great Oral Narration Tool

    After about two weeks using this, I find that the workbook has a lot of busy work. My son likes the vocabulary pages and the fun pages but the reading comprehension pages are A LOT of writing. But that's fine, because I'm learning to adapt it to oral narration for the comprehension questions.

    We, too, struggled with the cursive writing on several of the pages. While we are teaching cursive, it's through Handwriting without Tears so it looks different and he's just not far enough to read it all yet.

    We love the stories though and even his older sisters steal the book to read it!

    Brittany H.
    Very much enjoy

    I think Mosdos is a great program. The only thing I don’t like is that some of the writing in the workbook is written in cursive.
    My son has atrocious manuscript handwriting so we haven’t started cursive yet. As such, he has a really hard time figuring out what the words are.

    Learning to Like Literature

    My 4th grader is learning to like Literature. Mosdos Press Literature - Ruby - 4th Grade took some time to navigate, but now we have found that the discussion questions guide conversation to real life events.