Spelling You See - Level A

Spelling You See - Level A

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Grades: Kindergarten

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Timberdoodle's Review

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Love This Multisensory Spelling Program!
We really love this new multisensory spelling program and are convinced it will help your child become a confident, successful speller, naturally and at his own speed. And it has the research to back us up. Because Spelling You See encourages visual memory rather than rote memory, there are no weekly spelling lists or tests and very little instructor preparation is required.

Relaxed and Easy to Implement
Each daily lesson in Spelling You See uses real words presented in context within poems or informational passages. Plus each lesson is colorful, short, to the point, and fun! Did I mention we’re in love? You will be too when you discover how relaxed and easy it is to implement Spelling You See.

Instructor Handbook and Answer Keys
Instructor’s handbooks are relatively small, but packed with valuable information that will show how simple this program is and how comfortably it will fit into your daily life. Also included are answer keys and dictation material that are essential for each level.

Why Spelling You See?

Listen and Write Overview:

View a sample lesson of Listen and Write

Are phonics taught in Spelling You See?
Read the answer to this frequently asked question on our blog.

Publisher: Demme Learning
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

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Glad I purchased

I’m pleased with this spelling curriculum. It’s straightforward and easy to incorporate into what we are doing for reading. For reading, we follow the Let’s Read: A Linguistic Approach to Reading lessons that are all centered around word families. It is a little weird the curriculum wants kids to write their “l”s and “t”s with the little curve at the bottom but my daughter is old enough to not seem to care or get confused.


We had to shelve this for a few months. We figured out that our daughter needed to be in Pre-Reading and so trying to get her to do this she would just be in tears. I brought it back out after a few months and she did well.

Gets the job done

My child doesn't mind doing this spelling at all. I think spelling-u-see is great for younger students (did not work for my 2nd grader). I wouldn't say it makes spelling particularly fun but it gets the job done and helped my child learn the basics of spelling.

Does not teach spelling rules

If you want a program that will help you explain to your child why some letters are used sometimes and some aren't, you know spelling rules, well this ain't it. It just gives you a list of words, you dictate it and that's it! But once you get to the point that your child is trying to spell long vowel sounds or even different consonant sounds it doesn't explain to you how to teach your child the new concept!

Thank you for your review! We truly appreciate the time you took to share your own experience with this product with the rest of us!
You are correct that spelling rules are not covered in this level of Spelling You See. Here is a quote from the publisher regarding their methodology for when to cover spelling rules:

'Phonics is important for beginning spellers. The first two levels of Spelling You See reinforce the basic phonics that children have been learning in reading instruction. However, research has shown that focusing on phonics rules after the Phonetic Stage of spelling ultimately does not help children learn to spell.

Children need to develop a strong visual memory for how common words are spelled. This occurs in the Skill Development stage, which typically lasts for several years. By the time students arrive at the Word Extension and Derivational Constancy levels, they already will have a strong sense of how English spelling works and will be ready to focus on more advanced word study, including English spelling patterns that some might describe as “rules.” '

We hope this helps!

Not super fun, but it works

Spelling you see is a great program! My son doesn't love it, but he has made incredible improvement in his spelling (and his ability to read/sound out CVC words). I do recommend waiting to start this program until you are a bit into the reading program-it makes it so much easier and more enjoyable.

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