Spelling You See - Level D

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Love This Multisensory Spelling Program!
We really love this new multisensory spelling program and are convinced it will help your child become a confident, successful speller, naturally and at his own speed. And it has the research to back us up. Because Spelling You See encourages visual memory rather than rote memory, there are no weekly spelling lists or tests and very little instructor preparation is required.

Relaxed and Easy to Implement
Each daily lesson in Spelling You See uses real words presented in context within poems or informational passages. Plus each lesson is colorful, short, to the point, and fun! And it comes with a pack of erasable colored pencils. Did I mention we’re in love? You will be too when you discover how relaxed and easy it is to implement Spelling You See.

Instructor Handbook and Answer Keys
Instructor’s handbooks are relatively small, but packed with valuable information that will show how simple this program is and how comfortably it will fit into your daily life. Also included are answer keys and dictation material that are essential for each level.

Why Spelling You See?

Americana Overview:

View a sample lesson of Americana

Are phonics taught in Spelling You See?
Read the answer to this frequently asked question on our blog.

Publisher: Demme Learning
Faith-Based: No

Spelling You See - Level D Review by Mom's Quest to Teach

review by Mom's Quest to Teach

”I love the fact that it includes nonfiction stories about American history and culture. The tie-in to our history curriculum is terrific.”

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Customer Reviews

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This was rough

While this will be a very good book for our other daughter when she is ready, this book was rough for our 7 year old. She did not want to write all the words. She reads at an 8th grade level and I thought this would be fun to improve her writing. I was wrong, we only did 3 lessons and then it was down hill from there. She said, "I am just going to read it but I don't want to write it, okay mom!" We agreed and the stories were good!

Cheryl S.
relevant spelling with context

I purchased the level D, E and F spelling for my 5th grader partly because the "lower levels'" (D, E) are relevant to what we are learning in American History. I think these are great for picking up bits of information (or repeating bits of information from other subjects) and they are great for my son to practice handwriting and pencil grip.
This is a natural way to learn RELEVANT spelling, which we were not getting in public schools before.

Interesting way to teach spelling

When we first started this curriculum, I wasn't sure that I liked it. My son doesn't love to write, so it was a bit of a fight in the beginning. However, I love that he is learning so much about language and history while working on spelling. It has also worked as a hand writing practice for my lefty with slopping writing.

Wish I Had Learned This Way!

We love this program! All three of my kids use it and they are always happy to do it. They make regular connections with what they are learning and their penmanship and selling have improved so much!

Kay B.
Spelling You See Level D

We used this as the backbone of our Spelling instruction and have few complaints. It does take a bit longer than our other workbooks to complete, but the instruction manual explains that you can set a timer and do a limited amount every day, which takes the pressure off. Our student's spelling has improved.