The Gettysburg Address

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The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation
Your teen will want answers to all his questions about why America found itself at war with itself and in The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation, he will begin to grasp the deep-seated conflict between limited government and a robust government. He will also learn how Americans allowed slavery to take hold, then found it practically impossible to abandon it.

The Gettysburg Address: A Graphic Adaptation scrutinizes each portion of the Address to reexamine the entire Civil War and its resulting consequences.

Drawing on fascinating first-hand accounts of Americans and using the details of individual families, soldiers, leaders, and slaves, The Gettysburg Address shows us the events through the eyes of those who lived through the war. Intelligently written and lavishly illustrated, The Gettysburg Address is both entertaining and illuminating.

Note: There is an instance of what we consider inappropriate language on page 7. Nothing that your older child will not have heard before; it can easily be rectified with a touch of white-out.

From the Publisher:
A fully illustrated graphic adaptation that offers a new look at the Gettysburg Address, the bloody battle that prompted it, and the Civil War

Most of us can recall "Four score and seven years ago," but much of what we know about this historic speech, and what it has to say about the Civil War itself, has been lost since we left grade school.

The Gettysburg Address offers a revolutionary way to experience Lincoln's masterwork. Striking at the underlying meaning of Lincoln's words, it uses the Address to tell the whole story of the Civil War. We see how bitter seeds sown by the Founding Fathers sprouted into a bloody war, and ultimately blossomed into the progress and justice of the Civil Rights era. The book depicts pivotal events that led to the upheaval of the secession crisis, the crucial Battle of Gettysburg, and the conflict's still-unfolding legacy with firsthand accounts from Americans from all walks of life: slaves, soldiers, citizens, and, of course, Abraham Lincoln himself—the most transformational president in U.S. history.

Writer Jonathan Hennessey and illustrator Aaron McConnell illuminate history with vibrant, detailed graphics and captions that will give you a fresh understanding of this vital speech, which defined America's most tragic war and marked a new path forward.

Authors: Jonathan Hennessey, Aaron McConnell
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9780061969768
Faith-Based: No

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Joscelyne C.
Comic book

My boys love these books.

Rachel W.
The Gettysburg Address

My daughter just loves these graphic novels! They're fun for her to read and teach her about important times in history. Highly recommend!