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Fun, Innovative, Multi-sensory
Handwriting fluency is fundamental to all areas of education, yet some of the most engaging and intelligent children are challenged with the mechanics of handwriting and fine motor tasks. There are a variety of causes of difficulty with handwriting, but when it is your child that has this problem, the label is not as important as the solution. Handwriting habits are well-established early, so it is important to get it right. Of course the best method for properly mastering this vital skill is through multisensory techniques. But if the idea of writing letters in shaving cream or jello seems to you a gross waste of money, and messy to boot, you will be relieved to know there is another fun and innovative solution.

Steel Balls Sealed in the Base for Safety
The metal balls are permanently sealed into the A to Z Magnatab base, which reduces the problem of stray balls being mistaken for finger food.