Mathematical Reasoning A (Kindergarten)

Mathematical Reasoning A (Kindergarten)

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Beyond Drill to Real Skills
Most parents know that a child who only memorizes math facts without really understanding math will find progressively complex concepts more and more difficult to understand. But what they erroneously think is that such problems arise about the time a child is memorizing the multiplication table. Not so. Unlike reading, an integral skill that is tightly woven throughout our entire day, math tends to be a more sporadic subject, essential when you need it and then easily set aside. That is why it is imperative that a child is able to reason his way through any mathematical problem.

Award-winning Mathematical Reasoning is a great place to start. With 250 pages of quick, straightforward problems to build mathematical reasoning skills in kindergartners, these highly motivational activities will take your child beyond mere drill work by using step-by-step, discussion-based problem solving. Concepts spiral gradually so that children do not forget as they go. The concepts are written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Non-reproducible.

Topics/activities include Addition, Bar Graph, Calendar, Capacity, Coins, Count, Fractions, Language, Length, Likelihood, Match, Number Line, Odd/Even, Order, Pattern, Real World Problems, Shapes, Subtraction, Time, Weight, and Whole Numbers.

Answers are located in the back of this book.

Publisher's Information

  • Author: Linda Brumbaugh & Doug Brumbaugh
  • Pages: 250
  • Full Color: Yes
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Copyright: 2006
  • ISBN: 0-89455-884-6
  • Publisher: The Critical Thinking Co™
  • Printed In: China
  • Consumable: Yes
  • Reproducible: Yes, for use within your own home or classroom. Not for any commercial entity or organization.
  • Faith-Based: No

  • Awards and Endorsements:
    Dr. Toy Best Picks
    Mensa Recommended Materials for the Gifted
    iParenting Media Award
    Mom's Choice Awards Silver Medal for Excellence
    Creative Child Magazine 2012 Book of the Year Award
    Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal for Excellence
    Cathy Duffy 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
    iParenting Media Best Products
    Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
    iParenting Media Excellent Products
    Cathy Duffy Top 100 Award
    Dr. Toy Product of Excellence
    Learning® Magazine Recommended Resource for Successful Teaching
    Jenkins Group Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Silver Medal
    2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards™ - Honorable Mention, Elementary Math Category
    Practical Homeschooling Magazine 3rd Place Reader Award


    Mathematical Reasoning A (Kindergarten) Review by One Luckey Wife

    review by One Luckey Wife

    ”Some reasons I like Mathematical Reasoning are because it is colorful, bright, fun and our daughter has really enjoyed doing the math work in it. ”

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    Customer Reviews

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    Deborah K.

    We LOVE these workbooks. The only thing he didnt grasp were the riddles but the rest of it was engaging and simple enough to follow. I even got one for my 3 year old so HE could do "school" alongside us and that too was a big hit.

    So fun!

    He doesn't know he's doing math. It's full of logical, math, and reasoning skills. It's fun and engaging. We end up doing 3-4 pages and he wants to keep going.


    I’m using this with my preschooler. Some of it is review and some is new to him but he’s doing great with it. I’m happy I bought this in addition to Math U See Primer because this book is more colorful and fun for him.

    Stephanie S.
    Wide Range of Topics

    My 5 yr old loves these math books. She went through the book that was lower then this level in a couple months so I purchased this to keep her love of math alive. She has found that she loves even and odd numbers right now. It doesn't just stick to one topic and beat it to death. It has various topics that it showcases for a few pages and then goes to something else and then a couple pages later comes back to those previous topics.

    Heidi C.
    Fun & challenging

    We added this to our math curriculum mid year, and so glad we did. Our son enjoys the challenge of thinking outside the box. The book offers a slightly different set of questions and different wording.