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Math Reasoning "...My son regularly asked to start with Math because he loved the book so much!"
Language Lessons "We love the Language Lessons series by Sandi Queen! She's done a very nice job of picking out interesting quotes, stories, etc. for children to copy. The pictures are absolutely fantastic!! "
"Your children will be enchanted by all the surprising things they can do and in the process they will unconsciously learn three important skills for beginning scientists: measurement, observation, and classification..."
Wedgits Tote "These are the greatest toys! Whenever they are out at our house, people (children and adults) are drawn to them as if to a magnet... Don't just buy one set. I guarantee you will soon want more. (I had to place a second emergency order!)..."
Building Thinking Skills Beginning "Wow, this book is full of wonderful exercises for even the youngest children. My daughter just turned 3 and she can't wait till schooltime so she can do "her school" which is this book..."
"A fun game that really builds memory and observation skills."
Building Thinking Skills Beginning "They are colorful & appealing to the eye. You won't be wasting your money by purchasing these..."
Story of the World 3 "I am not above buying a little extra peace for my school day! Thinking Putty has made it possible to keep my little ones still during read-aloud time so that they can be included and needn't be exiled to video-land...."
Signing Time "These bright and cheerful videos were a smash hit with my all my kids (six and under). They have watched other signing videos but no others have kept their attention so long. The songs are very catchy and not annoying for parents ears. It was great to have kids doing the signs..."
Bambino Luk "My 4 year old enjoys her Bambino Luk - the puzzle solving, the tactile use of tiles, and the self-checking feature. We plan on ordering more books in the series! Best product I've ever used for improving critical thinking skills!"
Zoology 1 "Great product. All six of my children love them."
Mighty Mind "My daughter loves playing with Mighty Minds. I love that it's magnetic, as I don't worry about losing pieces. I'm always amazed at her ability to do the cards."
Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Purchase an entire year's Pre-K Curriculum in less than 5 minutes!