Kumon My Book of Easy Mazes

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Timberdoodle's Review
Tracing their way through these colorful mazes will help children build more confidence in their fine motor skills, thereby preparing them to begin writing. Ages 2-4.

About Mazes:
What child doesn't love the challenge of mazes? Mazes allow your child the opportunity to practice basic pencil control in an enjoyable, exciting way. These pencil skills are necessary for the legible writing of letters and numbers. Plus, because mazes are naturally absorbing they help your child acquire the ability to reason, interpret, understand, and concentrate. These elemental skills are some of the bedrock essentials for later academics.
Pages: 80
Binding: Paperback, 8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches
Copyright: May 2006
ISBN: 1933241241, 978-1-933241-24-1
Publisher: Kumon Publishing
Printed In: China
Consumable: Yes
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

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Kumon My Book of Easy Mazes

My daughter loved these mazes! She would have done the whole book in one sitting if I had let her. When she did finish the book, she went through it again and colored all the mazes

Kumon My Book of Easy Mazes

My son loved this book! Engaging mazes that progress in challenge but aren't frustrating. I would have appreciated the pages being perforated so that I could slip them into a sleeve for additional wipe-off practice and just so the pages actually laid flat. Trying the cut or rip them out is challenging. I ended up purchasing a paper perforating tool at the craft store and that made it easier to get the pages out. An enjoyable workbook.


My 3 year old loves it. We started it when she was 2 1/2 and it is perfect. The perfect level for that age group. It is hard for me to get her to stop working it in it. We have erased the mazes and worked on them again and again. Wonderful for writing skills.

Wonderful First Maze Book

This is a high quality workbook that gradually progresses from the easiest mazes imaginable, to ones that are reasonably challenging, but not frustrating, for a preschooler by the end of the book. But the best part of this book, in my opinion, is not figuring out the mazes, but practicing carefully moving a pencil. As my 4 yr old daughter worked through these, I would emphasize to her to do her best not to touch any of the lines of the maze with her pencil marks. She loved the book and worked through the whole thing in about 3 days.

Great for teaching pencil control

My 3 year old loved this book and can't wait to start the next book. It was great for when he needed to sit and entertain himself for a few minutes. It did take him a bit to get the don't cross the lines concept but this book has plenty of varied content to practice with. He turned it into a coloring book once he was done with the mazes.

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