Wikki Stix Alphabet

Wikki Stix Alphabet

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 PreK Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 PreK Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Wikki Stix Alphabet
Your hands-on preschooler needs a lot of repetition in letter formation before he can recognize and write actual letters. Wikki Stix Alphabet will not only help your child study the mechanics of letter making but will also introduce him to some rudimentary letter/object correlations. On this set of colorful and uncluttered letter cards, your child will just follow the arrows to bend and stick the Wikki Stix, slightly tacky reusable yarn, to trace each upper and lower case letter. Soft and pliable Wikki Stix is a proven tool for tactile, hands-on learning and requires just fingertip pressure to stick. And it is just as easy to peel up and reposition Wikki Stix as needed.

Each Wikki Stix Alphabet card also includes an item that is spelled beginning with the letter being studied (Ant for “A”; Dinosaur for “D”, etc.) that can also be traced with Wikki Stix. Reusable and unbreakable, made simply of yarn and food-grade nontoxic wax, Wikki Stix have been manufactured in the USA for over twenty years. No glue, no preparation, no cleanup, no mess Wikki Stix Alphabet is ideal for quiet times and travel. Wikki Stix Alphabet includes 26 individual cards plus 36 tactile Wikki Stix® to create hands-on educational fun.

Manufacturer: Omnicor Inc.
Age Recommendation: 3+
Faith-Based: No

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Not enough Wikki Stix to complete the entire alphabet at once-bummer!
Limited educational/play value.

Good idea....BUT

This looks like a really good idea and it is fun, but I am disappointed in the experience. It is not accurate in teaching how to write letters because of the fact that the wiki sticks have to be doubled back over top of themselves or twisted around out of the way. Also, the longer you work with the sticks the waxier they become causing the cards to become sticky and hands really messy.

Di, Thank you for your review, we value your input! You are correct in that Wikki Stix Alphabet does not teach how to write the letters, but for your beginning learner, they are perfect for cementing in their brain the shape of the different letters. For our own Pre-K learners this year, this kit has given them a break from the pencil while still reinforcing the letters they are learning. :) ---Hope for the Timberdoodle Team
Not Sticky Enough

I got this separate from my kindergarten kit because they looked fun, but I am not terribly pleased with them. I agree with the other reviewer, there should be more Wikki Stix, but my biggest complaint is they don't stick to the cards well at all. Otherwise, they are cute and colorful, and we will use them.

Independent work

My daughter loves completing these. I was hesitant to buy them based on some reviews but I’m glad that I did! She works independently and likes to cut the sticks into perfect lengths. She does like to roll the sticks together but they’re easy enough to pull apart.

Not my favorite

I don’t get the craze over these. My kids didn’t like that we needed to prep different lengths, and then they got smushed together and were hard to separate back out. I wanted to love them, but I didn’t.

Cary, thank you for your feedback! When using Wikki Stix with our kids, we like to fold the Wikki Stix in half to create the half-length lines, or we have the child wrap the Wikki Stix back to double-trace those parts. Thus, no prep is needed! Thank you for sharing your frustration, we'll plan to add a note to our next year's PreK Handbook, so future families can implement this idea to use Wikki Stix with ease. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience! - the Timberdoodle Team

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