Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals

Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals

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Timberdoodle's Review
Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals
Djeco Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals will do more than polish your child’s fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity skills. The beautifully crafted wooden animals introduce matching and spatial relationships as your little one adds stripes to the zebra and tiger, scales to the crocodile, and a bit of color to the mane of the lion. Brightly colored, Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals are not just adorable, but also easy to hold, grasp, and thread. Threading Animals can be delightful, quiet diversions during extended trips or endless meetings.

  • Fine motor skills
  • Concentration

  • Manufacturer: Djeco
    Age Recommendation: 2+
    Faith-Based: No
    Wooden Lacing Zoo Animals Review by Flanders Family Homelife

    review by Flanders Family

    ”Thankfully, both the figures and the storage box are durably made, so this set should stand up to repeated use. That’s a good thing with my big crew!”

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    Customer Reviews

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    Pianjo G.

    This is good to learn fine motor skills. THis is not a favorite toy in our house, but it is enjoyed from time to time and is great for practicing.

    All the kids love this

    Even my older kids loved this. They would each take turns doing each one and get excited every time I pull it out. I could see my 2 year old getting better at it every time and actually learning the concept and how to do it correctly. Very fun activity. I also like that they are laces and not yarn like jungle picture puzzle ones.

    Good Fun!

    It took my daughter a few tries to get the hang of these. Now she loves them! Even my 5 year old likes to join in the fun!!

    Anabella G.
    Great for fine motor skills!

    My three year old son is all about big movements (jumping, running, climbing) and getting him to sit down for anything can be tough work some days. I originally introduced the lacing animals when we received our Timberdoodle kit and he pulled the string out and used them for pretend play. Frustrated that they weren’t working for fine motor skills, I put them away for a few months while we focused on other fine motor activities (like cutting with scissors, etc.).

    A few months later, I brought these out and he’ll pick them up on his own now! He really just needed some time to develop the skills he needed to use these. I’m glad I didn’t write these off as they are nice to bring along on a car trip as well.

    This ones a Chameleon!

    We have had hard times, fun times, disagreements, laughter and an all around learning experience for everyone with this one! My biggest take from this product is "Perfection lies within the design not the box cover." Our favorite moments with this one has been doing a few laces and then walking our alligator down the hall or having him chase after the running zebra! It's a great one to have the child give to an adult when an adult is not finding the patience with the child (it reminds us where the child is coming from and gives us the opportunity to have a moment and come back with something special for everyone). We work hand in hand together when we want to accomplish a full animal. Otherwise our leash (string) just gets shorter and shorter until we have to take the leash off (laces out) and start again. The design on these are stunning, they will last a lifetime and we have found so so much value to them.