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Timberdoodle's Review
Download sample pages from Can You Find Me PreK (PDF)

Experts agree that riddles boost children’s intelligence by exposing them to critical thinking and problem-solving. Riddles can also improve creativity and are an excellent warm-up exercise for your pre-kindergartner's brain. Can You Find Me will give your child ample opportunities to think and reason, with 100 mind-building riddles that introduce critical thinking and systematic analysis. To solve each colorful rhyming riddle, your child may need to identify similarities and differences, recognize sequences, classify objects, or interpret analogies. These are concepts found in most state and national standards.

Can You Find Me challenges require understanding two or more clues to deduce the answer. No pencilwork is necessary, as your child can either point to a picture or answer verbally. Can You Find Me covers reading readiness, science, math, and social studies and includes answers and a chart of skills developed in each activity.
Start your pre-kindergartner on the road to critical thinking!

Publisher's Information
Pages: 112- Full Color
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-89455-793-4
Publisher: The Critical Thinking Co.
Consumable: If desired
Reproducible: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Can You Find Me Pre-K

This is a great teaching tool. Must have.

For the Young Learner

This product is engaging for the child who is hesitant to develope the inquisitive side of learning. Exercises are refreshing without becoming monotonous.

More than I expected

We ordered quite a few workbooks, and I had no idea this would be anywhere near our favorite-it is! My daughter is almost 3 and she can solve most of these riddles and enjoys it. For the ones she can't solve it gives us a good opportunity to discuss them. I love that it doesn't involve any writing, and that the book can be used over again for my younger child. It also helps that after each riddle there are several pictures to choose from and quite a few are animal pictures-which really helps if your child loves animals like mine. So glad we bought this one.

Can You Find Me? Review by Spell Outloud

This is a non-consumable thinking skills book geared toward preschoolers. When my daughter and I opened the book we were pleasantly surprised. Each page contained a riddle and pictures. My daughter was interested right away and wanted to look through the whole book. After looking, I sat down and went through a couple riddles with her. She had so much fun trying to answer the riddles. When we would get to one that was too hard, we'd skip it and come back to it later. Some days she could only handle doing one riddle, and other days she wanted to do a slew of them. When we hit a bunch in a row that were just a tad hard, I set the book aside for a week. We are still moving through the book and it has become a wonderful addition to her preschool work.

What I liked:

* It is non-consumable, so I can use it for the upcoming girls :)

* It makes a child think and reason. The child has to use the clues in the riddle and pictures to find the answer.

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Review by Granola Mom 4 God

We picked this book, Can You Find Me Preschool, for Gabe (2.5). . . thinking based on the description that he would be able to participate . . . ummm . . . didn't happen. Not even close. But the boys and I enjoyed it!

The great thing about Can You Find Me Preschool is that it is a book that can be reused and works well for a special snuggle time!

This book was a breeze for Mr. Smackdown (6). . .

And an appropriate challenge for Sir Honey Ezra (4).

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