Kumon My Book of Mazes: Things That Go

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Timberdoodle's Review
Children are often fascinated with cars, trucks, and trains. This book uses these things that go as the theme for our innovative and colorful mazes. Since every maze is designed to be slightly harder than the last, you'll be surprised by how quickly your child's pencil control improves! Ages 5 to 7.

About Mazes:
What child doesn't love the challenge of mazes? Mazes allow your child the opportunity to practice basic pencil control in an enjoyable, exciting way. These pencil skills are necessary for the legible writing of letters and numbers. Plus because mazes are naturally absorbing they help your child acquire the ability to reason, interpret, understand and concentrate. These elemental skills are some of the bedrock essentials for later academics.
Publisher's Information
  • Pages: 80
  • Binding: Paperback, 8 1/4 x 11 2/3 inches
  • Copyright: August 2006
  • ISBN: 1933241314, 978-1-933241-31-9
  • Publisher: Kumon Publishing
  • Printed in: China
  • Consumable: Yes
  • Faith-Based: No

  • Customer Reviews

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    Great book

    We love the Kumon workbooks! I leave this on my son’s desk for a boredom buster. This book is well done and the pages are nice and thick.

    Book full of fun mazes.

    This maze book is a very fun collection of mazes! My five-year-old really enjoyed working his way through it, and I plan to buy one for my four-year-old once she completes the Kumon Book of Easy Mazes. All of the Kumon maze books are really well made, and wonderful quiet activity for kids.

    Things That Go

    Kumon My Book of Mazes: Things That Go is a great collection of mazes. The mazes start off fairly easy and that allowed my daughter to figure out how they worked and develop some confidence in her ability to do the mazes. The mazes gradually increase in difficulty and made it necessary for her to slow down and really think about what she was doing. The Things that Go is a fun theme. The kids love to see what the next maze will be.

    My 4 and 7 year old both love the Kumon workbooks!

    I have two children, a 7 year old girl & a 4 year old boy. They both love the Kumon workbooks. I have to stop by 4 year from trying to finish an entire book in 1 evening. He loves the cutting books best and especially loves receiving this certificate at the end. The books for my 7 year old are very good too. We have enjoyed the money series along with the crafts. We enjoy going through the books together. My 7 year old enjoys helping her younger brother complete books she has already completed. The books also use a very nice paper and are bright and colorful.


    I have found the Kumon series of workbooks to be useful for all of my children who have used them. The books dealing with fine motor skills are excellent; some of the pages can be done by young children with practically no assistance (such as in the cutting, tracing, and maze books), while others need a bit of direction from a sibling or parent (such as folding and crafts). I have mixed feelings about some of the math skills workbooks: The money workbooks are quite good and have some variety in the pages, but I think the time books are somewhat tedious and aren't as effective. The number workbooks have some pages that involve a lot of writing which my children found boring and tiresome, but are still useful overall.

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