Crepe Foam Alphabet Puzzles

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit!
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Crepe Foam Alphabet Puzzles
As children manipulate these three-dimensional, bright crepe foam-rubber letters, they increase visual and tactile perception, shape discrimination, and hand-eye coordination.

For the youngest, think of these as fabulous perception puzzles (just consider how similar uppercase E & F, O & Q, R & P, and M & N are). By two years old, most toddlers are able to pick out each letter. Older children can match lower case and capitals, put together words, and use the puzzles for phonics games.

You will not find a better "touch, feel, and fit" alphabet, or a more durable one, for those children who delight in pounding the pieces in. And they all do, don't they? For homeschooling, this puzzle is an essential. 2" tall letters! Includes a sturdy storage tray.


Customer Reviews

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Great Puzzles!

These are super great - my kids like puzzles but I think they like these even more now because they are slightly Squishy and can push them in - they get them out multiple times a day and it's really been helping learn their letter recognition. They seem really durable too which is awesome. I wasn't too sure how we would like these at first - but I am super happy we ordered them and that my kids have enjoyed them as much as they have.

Alphabet Puzzles

I almost didn’t get this product thinking it would be flimsy and get torn up easily. I’m so glad I did though because I was totally wrong. He works his puzzles all of the time. (I have him keep the i and j Dots in the puzzle and the insides of the letters in place so they don’t get lost.)


We have had fun using these to learn the names of the letters and the alphabet, plus comparing lower and upper case letters, but in my opinion that is about all we can do with them. After just a couple of months we have mastered everything we can do with these and need to move on to something else.

Tasha, Here are some more ideas! Use the letters apart from the puzzle base to have your child: match uppercase and lowercase letters, strengthen auditory skills by asking for your child to give you 2-5 random letters, have your child line the letters up alphabetically and then in reverse, have your child cover their eyes and then remove one or two letters from the line up - ask your child to name those letters. Just a handful of ideas that I hope sparks some more fun ways to use these puzzles. :) --Hope
Lauri A To Z Puzzles

These puzzles are high quality and my son still enjoys playing with them.

High Quality, but not a favorite

These are definitely high quality. They've held together great, not one piece has torn. My friend has a different cheaper version and their letters have ripped. That being said, my kids don't love these, and I don't either. Probably because we have a simpler version with plastic letters that we love more. My kids lose interest quickly when they have to find circular and semicircular pieces to fill the gaps in the letters. I'm left trying to find all the tiny pieces to fit back in and put away. I much prefer letter puzzles where the piece is all in one chunk of plastic, not only for ease of puzzling but also because they are great with play-doh.

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