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Puzzles can be educational in so many ways because they stretch your child's brain and improve the way his mind solves problems. While he's solving a puzzle, he's really teaching his brain to work in new ways. As your child solves a geography puzzle he is mentally drilling himself with physical facts, such as what country goes next to the one he has just completed. Unconsciously he is making a number of associations as he searches for the next piece. Flat puzzles of spherical items are easier to assemble, but what if you could hone your geographical skills on something more appropriate, more true to life?

Now you can with three different Puzzleball Globes. These sturdy plastic 3-D puzzles are suitable for beginners as well as for a refresher for both your pre-teens and older children. Puzzleball Globes can be assembled in three different ways. Use the small number located on each of the curved, non-image sides of the puzzle piece, or for more of a challenge use a world map to assemble the globe. Finally, when you think you are ready for the expert level, try assembling the Puzzleball Political Globe without referencing map or numbers.

If your family consists of younger ones who love puzzles, you'll be delighted to see that Puzzleball Globes now start with an easier 240-piece Puzzleball Globe. Lots of appropriate animals and birds add to its appeal. Once completed, it can be displayed using the included display stand and it measures 5.75" in diameter. For the pre-teen and older consider the 540-piece Puzzleball Globe which will challenge your most astute geography student. This more complex puzzle comes with both a plastic base stand and metal rotation stand.

Each Puzzleball Globe comes with beautiful, vibrantly-colored, and perfectly-crafted curved puzzle pieces that allow for an exact fit and are easily assembled with no glue required!! Your child may want to have mom or dad add in the last piece, as this crucial step has led to more than one partial dismantling. A stand is included to display your work of art, but you will have so much fun putting it together that you shouldn't be surprised if the stand gets little use!