Friendly Biology

Grades: Highschool

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Timberdoodle's Review

Typically counted as 1 credit for high school students.

Friendly Biology
Any text that uses Lego figures to discuss genetics has earned the moniker "Friendly!" Friendly Biology, with its clear, colorful diagrams and abundant photos, introduces the world of biology to high-school students in a gentle, non-intimidating manner.

Written by a homeschooling husband and wife team, Friendly Biology covers topics such as mitosis and meiosis, genetics, taxonomy, ecology, an overview of all human body systems, and much more. With meaningful lessons and spot-on lab activities, Friendly Biology will not merely teach your teen biological terms and processes, but it should also give him an awe and respect for both the splendor and complexity of living things. We were especially pleased with their tasteful and yet complete discussion of human reproduction. 

There are 28 lessons (10-25 pages in each lesson) included in this program (see lesson samples and lab info by clicking the links below the video). A microscope is not required. This program will contain high-quality images from a high-powered microscope. The lab activities in the set use items that can be found already in your home or can be purchased at your local store. Many of the labs are consumable, literally, you can eat them!  :)

Friendly Biology is available in both a religious and nonreligious version, with the difference being the removal of a few Christian worldview-based comments from the secular edition. Completing Friendly Biology and all the included labs provides your child with a year's high school credit in Biology.

The Friendly Biology Set includes the Textbook, Student Workbook, and the Tests and Solutions Manual. The Lesson Tests and Answer Key also contains answers for the Student Workbook. If you are teaching more than one student you will want an extra Workbook for each student. The Textbook and Tests and Solutions Manual are non-consumable.


View Sample Pages:
Table of Contents
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Preliminary Lab Supply List
Biology Lab Report Template

Labs found in Friendly Biology include:
Growing a Pet Potato Plant
In Quest of Carbon:  Marshmallow Incineration
Testing for the Presence of Amylose (starch)
Behavior of Lipids (fats)
Making Butter
Actions of Enzymes on Proteins
Testing pH using Red Cabbage or Blueberry Juice
Making Homemade Yogurt
Making Cheese
Osmosis using Chicken Eggs
Osmosis using Fresh Veggies
Creating a (functional) Cell Model
Using Homemade Playdough to create a Mitosis Model
Building a DNA “Ladder"
Growing Edible Mushrooms on Toilet Paper (supplies purchased separately)
Flower Dissection
Dissections of Fresh Specimens are presented by video (available separately)  See Video Instruction tab for information.

Publisher: Friendly Biology
Authors: Joey and Lisa Hajda
Typical High School Credits Earned: 1 credit biology
Made In: USA

Christian Worldview Edition
Publish Date: June 8, 2019
ISBN: 9781544223681

Secular Version
Publish Date: April 24, 2019
ISBN: 9781545277355

Friendly Biology Review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

review by Family, Faith, and Fridays

”I am confident Friendly Biology will prepare my son for higher level sciences while allowing me to maintain my sanity! It's a win- win for all!”

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Customer Reviews

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Friendly Biology

I like the clear, understandable explanations. We understand electrons better than we did from another program! I wish the test were a little more challenging.

Simple to use

The only problem I've found so far is in a cross word puzzle there was 1 to many blocks but no biggie . So far so good and love that it includes direction for lab experiments .

Friendly Biology

I used this Biology curriculum this past year for the first time. I have always used Apologia, but wanted something that might be a better fit for my daughter. This is definitely a "friendly" approach with how material is presented in a way to help students understand difficult concepts. That being said, this first edition had several typos and mistakes in both the text book and work book. I am hopeful that this will be corrected in future additions. I would recommend that if you are going to use this, to see if the publisher has a list of updates so that you can go through and make the corrections. (Teaching Textbooks offered this.) Some of the mistakes were the kind that could confuse a student, and because of these issues I could only give a 3 star review.

Hello R.B., the publisher would like you to know that they recognize that these errors were true at the time of the first publication, but have long since been corrected. Thank you for sharing your honest feedback. -The Timberdoodle Team