Physics 101

Physics 101

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Tenth-Grade Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Typically counted as 1 credit for high school students.

Physics 101
Physics is the investigation of our universe and the foundation of many other studies, including chemistry, engineering, and even medicine. The study of physics develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills while explaining the hows and whys we all encounter. Without an understanding of physics there would be no fuel, or bridges, and medical achievements would be absent. From a stellar introduction to physics to the clear discussion of light, sound, electricity, Laws of Motion, and even Quantum Mechanics the Physics 101 DVD course is both easy-to-use and understand. Though it is designed for ages 15 years and up, because Physics 101 is physics without the math, the information is accessible for the entire family.

There are over 10 hours of instruction on 4 DVDs, and a bonus Guidebook is available as a pdf file on one of the discs with additional study material and quizzes. And if you are eager to have your child know more, there is also a downloadable Accreditation Booklet which will take him through 130 hours of studies along with 32 interesting labs for him to work through.


Guidebook with quizzes is included as a printable PDF on Disc D

Twenty-segment, Four-DVD set, containing over 11 hours examining the inner workings of the world around us.

Publisher's Information
Author: Wes Olson
Total Run Time:
Over 11 hours
Publisher: Westfield Studios
Made in:
Typical High School Credits Earned: 1 credit chemistry
Faith-Based: Yes

*Please note: A computer with a DVD drive and Acrobat Reader is required to print the PDF files.

Explore the world of physics and learn about the amazing mechanics behind God's physical world.
Disc A
  • 1. Introduction to Physics (30 min.)
  • The Physics of Light
  • 2. Light and Color (40 min.)
  • 3. Mirrors and Lenses (35 min.)
  • 4. Invisibility and Speed of Light (35 min.)

    Disc B
  • The Physics of Sound
  • 5. Introduction to Sound (43 min.)
  • 6. Acoustics: The Sound of Music (35 min.)
  • The Physics of Heat
  • 7. What is Fire? (30 min.)
  • 8. The Three Laws of Thermodynamics (35 min.)
  • 9. Refrigeration: Hot and Cold (40 min.)

    Disc C
  • The Physics of Electricity
  • 10. What is Electricity? (30 min.)
  • 11. Outlets and Circuits (40 min.)
  • 12. Batteries and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (40 min.)
  • The Physics of Motion
  • 13. The Life of Isaac Newton (30 min.)
  • 14. The Universal Law of Gravity (30 min.)
  • 15. The 1st Law of Motion (30 min.)
  • 16. The 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion (25 min.)

    Disc D
  • The Physics of the Weird
  • 17. The Life of Albert Einstein (35 min.)
  • 18. Relativity (30 min.)
  • 19. Quantum Mechanics (30 min.)
  • The Future of Physics
  • 20. The Future of Physics (20 min.)
  • Printable Guidebook and Accreditation Booklet (PDF)

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