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Requires Equilibrio blocks - not included!

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Timberdoodle's Review
Requires Equilibrio blocks - not included!

Clicko: Perspective, Depth, and Geometric Forms
This is the most challenging book in the series. Given an illustration that mimics what you would see through a camera's viewfinder, and the type and number of blocks required, your child will be asked to construct a three-dimensional structure that conforms to the image. As he works through the exercises, and the illustrations become exceedingly difficult, your child will be given additional views of the illustration for help and clarity. Answers are included for the faint of heart, but participants are encouraged instead to develop perseverance with the goal of increasing these necessary skills. If this doesn't give your child a profound understanding of perspective, depth and geometric forms, I don't know what will. For ages 6+.

About the Equilibrio Series
The scope and sequence of this program is phenomenal. Using just 18 blocks your children will experiment with construction, geometry, logical analysis, perspectives, design, and spatial logic. Each spiral-bound book is systematic in its presentation, with multiple levels and escalating complexities. Spatial proficiencies are vital for everyone, but today's sedentary children often lack a natural way to develop this ability. These three books and set of blocks provide an enjoyable and successful approach to making sure your child acquires these essential skills. Using just 18 blocks, your children will experiment with construction, geometry, logical analysis, perspective, design, and spatial logic.
Manufacturer: Foxmind
Made In: Netherlands Antilles
Time To Play: 30 minutes
Players: 1
Ages: 7+
Faith-Based: No

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Great Addition to Equilibrio

This book will take your Equilibrio set to a whole new level! The designs that you create are much more challenging. Many off them were too hard for me! THis would be a good challenge for your teen to develop his thinking ability, for sure! I could spend hours with this. I recommend it for your older children or even for yourself!

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