Mathematical Reasoning Level B (Grade 1)

Mathematical Reasoning Level B (Grade 1)

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Download sample pages from Mathematical Reasoning B (PDF)

Beyond Drill to Real Skills

Most parents know that a child who only memorizes math facts without really understanding math will find progressively complex concepts more and more difficult to understand. But what they erroneously think is that such problems arise about the time a child is memorizing the multiplication table. Not so. Unlike reading, an integral skill that is tightly woven throughout our entire day, math tends to be a more sporadic subject, essential when you need it and then easily set aside. That is why it is imperative that a child is able to reason his way through any mathematical problem.

Award-winning Mathematical Reasoning is a great place to start. With 352 pages of quick, straightforward problems to build mathematical reasoning skills in first-grade students, these highly motivational activities will take your child beyond mere drill work by using step-by-step, discussion-based problem solving. Concepts spiral gradually so that children do not forget as they go. The concepts are written to the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Non-reproducible.

Topics/activities include Action, Addition, Bar Graph, Calendar, Capacity, Count, Fractions, Language, Length, Likelihood, Manipulative, Match, Money, Number Line, Odd/Even, Order, Pattern, Probability, Real World Problems, Shapes, Subtraction, Symmetry, Temperature, Time, Weight, and Whole Numbers.
Answer guide included in the back of the book.

Publisher's Information
Author: Linda Brumbaugh & Doug Brumbaugh
352, color, perforated
Full Color: Yes
Binding: Paperback
2012, 2009, 2006
The Critical Thinking Co
Printed In:
Yes, for use within your own home or classroom. Not for any commercial entity or organization.
Faith-Based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
Dr. Toy Best Picks
Mensa Recommended Materials for the Gifted
iParenting Media Award
Mom's Choice Awards Silver Medal for Excellence
Creative Child Magazine 2012 Book of the Year Award
Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal for Excellence
Cathy Duffy 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
iParenting Media Best Products
Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
iParenting Media Excellent Products
Cathy Duffy Top 100 Award
Dr. Toy Product of Excellence
Learning® Magazine Recommended Resource for Successful Teaching
Jenkins Group Moonbeam Children's Book Award, Silver Medal
2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards™ - Honorable Mention, Elementary Math Category
Practical Homeschooling Magazine 3rd Place Reader Award

Critical Thinking Press~Review by My Life on a Taffy Pull

review by My Life on a Taffy Pull

"What a blessing! Bubble Gum Taffy, who is 5 and in Kindergarten has been working her way through this book designated more for 1st grade/6 year olds. I don’t consider Bubble Gum Taffy to be exceptionally bright, but this book sure is! It’s so gentle, so non-assuming, but completely able to teach concepts that she was having difficulty with prior."

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Customer Reviews

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Great Supplement, Good for a Standalone Curriculum

My 1st grader finished Math-U-See Alpha halfway through the year because she had already done much of the addition portion in Kindergarten, so I bought Mathematical Reasoning as a secondary curriculum because it was low-cost, it introduced some concepts not in Math-U-See (like measuring and more emphasis on geometry), and it changed the routine and format of the material. I did not think she was strong enough in subtraction to move up to the next level. While I like Math-U-See as a core curriculum, Mathematical Reasoning has been great for a supplement. My daughter particularly likes the dot-to-dots, though lately I have to hide the picture page so she can't use the numbers on it to figure out the problems on the drill-work page. As a standalone curriculum, however, I think Mathematical Reasoning is too sporadic. There is no methodical working through concepts, just workbook pages you figure out as you go, eventually building to the full knowledge base of the grade level. I prefer starting with the methodical approach of Math-U-See and following up with the more colorful activities in Mathematical Reasoning. Having said that, the end of Mathematical Reasoning B is more advanced than Math-U-See Alpha by introducing double-digit addition and more complex geometry.

Colorful, good learning skills, but a bit overwhelming

I thought I would love this book. I love that it is open and go without tons of pieces to keep track of. I do like that they are colorful and the thinking skills that they promote, but the size of it was daunting...I know, I know, homeschoolers don’t have to finish the book within a year, but when there’s still leftovers after trying to do two pages a day (which was sometimes too much) with kids that are already maybe a little behind, it’s discouraging to have half the book left at the end of the year.

I can’t remember if it was this one, but one of the ones in the series had a problem whose correct answer would read, “Boys > Girls” (boys are greater than girls or girls are less than boys) Come on, use a pail and a shovel or something. A few other problems were similar, but this was the most striking. It really put me off.

Very Fun

This has been an excellent math book for my twin girls who are in 1st grade. It's not even remotely boring, it's full color, interactive, and covers all areas of math.

However, I do have to say that if they had a teachers manual to accompany it, it would be very helpful. I'm often at a loss on how to teach the lessons for full comprehension, and must rely heavily on what I can recall from school. I would still personally recommend it, but if you're looking for a self instructive style, such as Saxon Math, this is not for you.

Stephanie, Isn't it funny how we moms often find ourselves learning for the first time, or learning again, alongside our children?! It may help to know that the Mathematical Reasoning book does come with a short introduction in the front, giving tips on how to use the book. Also, it thankfully does include answers in the back. But you are right, as your children age up and you want to have more intensive instruction provided, you may want to take a look at a program more like Math-U-See, which does include the DVD instruction and a teacher's manual. :) Thank you for your feedback!! --Hope
Mathematical Reasoning B Grade 1

I really like Mathematical Reasoning. I've used it with both my kids & they enjoy the way it teaches math. One of their favorite subjects for sure!

Mathematical Reasoning B Grade 1

I really like this book. It offers a different set of skills than math you see. My daughter loves the bright colors in the book.

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