Brain Builder Trio

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Timberdoodle's Review
Construction and Spatial Logic
The scope and sequence of this program is phenomenal. Using just eighteen blocks, your children will experiment with construction, geometry, logical analysis, perspective, design, and spatial logic. Each spiral-bound book is systematic in its presentation, with multiple levels and escalating complexities. Spatial proficiencies are vital for everyone, but today's sedentary children often lack a natural way to develop this ability. These three books and set of blocks provide an enjoyable and successful approach to making sure your children acquire these essential skills.

Equilibrio: It Starts with Fine Motor Skills
The Canadian Toy Testing Council awarded Equilibrio their 2006 Best Bet Award, and for good reason. Using eighteen sturdy, precisely cut, solid plastic blocks, your children build the structures illustrated. Each successive structure is more complex to build and more difficult to balance, requiring the use of fine motor skills, creativity, and perseverance. As an educational bonus, while accomplishing these tasks children will subconsciously be experimenting with basic concepts of geometry and balance. While the beginning pages may be easy enough for a four-year-old, the more difficult pages will challenge any adult. This is the beginning set in the series. For ages four and up.

Architecto: Translate 2-D into 3-D
In this volume, your child utilizes the same blocks used with Equilibrio to construct one of fifty illustrated three-dimensional structures. For each model, the type and number of blocks required are indicated at the bottom of the page. There are six levels of difficulty, and your child will find that the most grueling level requires fairly advanced logical analysis and spatial perception. Thankfully, answers are included. For ages six and up.

Cliko: Perspective, Depth, and Geometric Forms
This is the most challenging book in the series. Given an illustration that mimics what you would see through a camera's viewfinder and the type and number of blocks required, your child will be asked to construct a three-dimensional structure that conforms to the image. As he works through the exercises and the illustrations become exceedingly difficult, your child will be given additional views of the illustration for help and clarity. Answers are included for the faint of heart, but participants are encouraged instead to develop perseverance with the goal of increasing these necessary skills. If this doesn't give your child a profound understanding of perspective, depth, and geometric forms, then I don't know what will. For ages six and up.


Manufacturer: Foxmind
Made In: Netherlands Antilles
Time To Play: 30 minutes
Players: 1
Ages: 4+ (Equilibrio); 6+ (Architecto & Cliko)
Faith-Based: No

Awards and Endorsements:
Game of the Year - Creative Child Magazine - USA 2011
Recommended - National Association for Gifted Children - USA 2007
Best Game - Toy Innovation - Germany 2006
Seal of Excellence - Consumer Guide - Canada 2006
Best Bet Award - The Canadian Toy Testing Council - Canada 2005
Game of the Year - Creative Child Magazine - USA 2010
Spiel Gut - Germany 2008
6/6 Recommended - Consumer Guide - Canada 2006
Triple Star Award - The Canadian Toy Testing Council - Canada 2005

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Customer Reviews

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Brain Builder Trio

My kids have loved and hated this as they found it fun and challenging to complete each puzzle. I have even tried a few of the harder ones and it took me a while to get it to stand. Though they struggle with some, they are always excited to see if they can complete the challenge. It's great to see them discover how to lay the pieces to get it to look the same way the image shows. This is a great stem program that will be used for many years to come.

Great challenges!

My son loves Brain Builder! He willingly and happily has pulled this out to complete a few puzzles every single day :)

A welcome challenge!

This challenges both my 7 and 10 year old. At times they have had tears when there creation kept falling, but the diagram gives them confidence that it is possible, so they keep trying. They also enjoy trying to create their own designs. Highly reccomend this!

Brain Builder Trio

This is a great break from book work. Diagrams are challenging and occasionally very frustrating if you don't have a flat steady work space.

Brain Builder Trio

We have had the set for years and this is our third child to go through the books. I consider it a must-have item. Each book takes on a totally different perspective though they all use the same set of blocks. It's really three different thinking skills sets in one. A child may fly through one book and really struggle with the concept of the second book. They will be able to work on skills you didn't know they would struggle with or how to teach.

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