Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural

Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural

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Download sample pages from Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural (PDF)

Building Thinking Skills
These thinking skills books are among our favorites because of their tremendous scope. They develop four basic analytical skills (similarities/differences, sequences, classification, and analogies) through both figural and verbal problems.

In addition, there are problems dealing with How Alike and How Different?, Deductive Reasoning, Diagraming Classes, Mixed Analogies, and much more.

Studies have shown that students using these books have raised their national test scores significantly in both content and cognitive tests! What's more, these books are never boring!

Each skill (for example, classifying) is presented first in the semi-concrete figural-spatial form and then in the abstract verbal form. Children learn to analyze relationships between objects, between words, and between objects and words as they:
  • Observe, recognize, and describe characteristics.
  • Distinguish similarities and differences.
  • Identify and complete sequences, classifications, and analogies.
  • These processes help children develop superior thinking and communication skills that lead to deeper content learning in all subjects.

    Considered to be a full credit if both Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural and Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Verbal are completed. This book alone is considered to be only 1/2 credit (1/2 year or 1 semester).

    Publisher's Information:
    Authors: Sandra Parks, Howard Black
    Pages: 280
    Activities: 259
    Black & White: Yes
    Binding: Paperback
    Copyright: 2007
    ISBN: 9781601441584
    Publisher: The Critical Thinking Co
    Printed In: USA
    Consumable: Yes
    Reproducible: Yes, for one home or classroom.
    Faith-Based: No

    Awards and Endorsements:
    The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
    Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal for Excellence
    Parent Tested, Parent Approved Winner's Seal
    Mensa Recommended Materials for the Gifted
    iParenting Media Award
    Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval
    Cathy Duffy 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
    Dr. Toy 10 Best Software
    Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence Award
    Learning® Magazine Teacher's Choice Award
    iParenting Media Excellent Products
    Cathy Duffy Top 100 Award
    Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products
    Learning® Magazine Recommended Resource for Successful Teaching
    The Well-Trained Mind Recommended Resource for Logic and Critical Thinking
    2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards™ - 3rd Place, Logic Category
    Practical Homeschooling Magazine 2nd Place Reader Award
    The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 1st Place 2012 Excellence in Education Award
    Building Thinking Skills Figural Review by the Flanders Family

    review by the Flanders Family

    ”I can’t help but think all that practice on figural problems helped when it came time for our two dentists to take their DATs! The exercises in the verbal volume of Book 3 are great prep for the SAT, as well.”

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    Customer Reviews

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    Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural

    My kids have used all of the Building Thinking Skills books and I think it really helps them think outside of the box. It was a little tough when they were younger, but I've noticed that it's helped them build on the previous books they've done.

    Building Thinking Skills

    This is one of my favorite things to do each day. It doesn't really feel like I'm doing school work at all when I do the Thinking Skills. It's really fun actually. I like to draw so a lot of what I do in this workbook is like art & design so maybe that's why I like it so much. I also really like measurements, since my dad works in construction & I help him every summer, so doing these lessons is kind of like what we do when we are measuring & building. I really like it!

    Everything I thought it would be!

    This is a fantastic book for getting your child to think outside of the box. It works so many different areas of the brain and I love that the answer key is in back. The pages are easy to tear out, making it great to just put a few in their notebook each week.

    Review by Weavings

    Caleb, who is a 9th grader, started the second book, Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural for Grades 7-12+. I have to admit that I could have used more teaching instructions for this book, but we dived right in and made the best of it. Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural works on figural similarities, sequences, classifications, and analogies.

    Caleb worked on many of these on his own and brought them to me when he was finished. I would check them and then we would discuss the ones that he missed. These were wonderful for Caleb, since they provided a needed reinforcement in his thinking skills. Even though the exercises can be challenging they are presented in a manner that isn't overwhelming and can be fun. I definitely will continue using this book and will look into Levels 1 & 2 when my younger children reach this level.

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    Review by 5 Boys and a Princess

    Isaac is doing Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural. He is challenged by the shapes but enjoys matching the congruent shapes. He struggled last week with expanding the shapes but worked through it. He likes to work on his own with very little input from mom or dad, this is something he can do by himself so he's happy but it also makes him think so it makes me happy. He is a lot like me, finding the right answer is not difficult but he needs to work on getting past his frustration when he can't do it instantly.

    [This book has him] working outside [his] area of strength but [he is] being successful, learning some new skills, and enjoying the challenge; [he] can do [his] seatwork in any order and [he] almost always does [his] "word" books first.

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