Day and Night

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Preschool Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Day and Night--Toddler Thinking Skills
Logic for toddlers? I love this Smart Game! Renowned for their single-player games for the older child, Smart Games now has games for the littlest thinker. Day and Night Logic Game is a charming game of logic using colors, shapes, and silhouettes. Each challenge is incrementally more difficult than the last and is geared for your child's growing and developing thinking and motor skills.

Eighteen Months to Four Years
The twenty-four vibrant Day cards clearly indicate where each colorful piece should be stacked. The more advanced Night cards show only silhouettes. Day and Night focuses on developing your child's visual sequencing and spatial problem solving. Day and Night includes ten chunky wooden puzzle pieces with twenty-four Day and twenty-four Night challenges. For eighteen months to four years.


IQ-Building Fun Develops:
  • Logical reasoning
  • Higher cognitive thinking
  • Visual and spatial perception

    Game Includes:
  • Stand
  • Ten colorful wooden blocks
  • Full-color booklet with forty-eight multi-level puzzles

    How to Play:
  • Choose a challenge according to the player's age.
  • Arrange the playing pieces to construct the scene shown on your challenge which is either in detail (Day) or only in outline (Night).
  • Check your "night" challenge by swiveling the challenge booklet around to look at the scene shown on the "day" side of your challenge--it should be identical.

    Manufacturer's Information:
    Copyright: 2008
    ISBN: 847563000265
    Faith-Based: No
    Manufacturer: Smart Games
    Made In: China
    Players: 1
    Age: 3+

    Awards and Endorsements:
    Protégez-vous Magazine Seal of Excellence 2011
    Grand Prix 2011 Best product on Toy Fair Prague
    Swiat Przyjazny Dziecku Main Prize Winner “A child’s Friendly World” 2010
    Smart Games Superproduct 2009
    Timberdoodle 2011 Award Winner

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Day & Night Review by A to Z Learning Adventures

    review by A to Z Learning Adventures

    ”This is a great little game to foster independence and to get little ones critically thinking on their own.”

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    Day & Night Review by One Luckey Wife

    review by One Luckey Wife

    ”This game is such an amazing way to get those critical thinking juices flowing. I’d recommend this game or any of the other wonderful educational items from Smart Games.”

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    Customer Reviews

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    Day and Night

    We really enjoy this game. When we started my 3 y/o wanted to do the top of the columns first (essentially making them upside down). I had to guide him a bit and reinforce building it from the bottom up. Now he’s doing this independently and very rarely to I have to correct it.

    Colorful, Cute, and Creative

    My two-year-old son loves to play with this puzzle. He will request that I get it out! The box contains a three-pronged vertical puzzle board and ten colorful pegs that can be slid onto the board in creative patterns or to copy patterns in the also enclosed puzzle booklet, listed as developmentally appropriate for ages 3 and older. The board and pegs are made of quality wood and pleasing colors and the booklet is spiral bound with a stand-up feature.

    My son loves to make his own configurations - still his favorite way to play with the puzzle - but we also work on the booklet together. At two years and four months, with help, he is starting to be able to hold a puzzle piece up to the booklet to "match it," but also requires prompting and help to place it on the correct peg and not slip in his own pieces. :) We definitely still have much enjoyment and learning opportunity to look forward to as he gains the ability to follow the puzzle challenges on his own. I love that it spans such a good age range! I am very satisfied with this quality product.

    Real-time I referenced the box to verify my review, my son asked to "play" with the puzzle and placed three pegs in a pattern that correctly followed the booklet challenge he was trying to follow. He then placed some other pegs in his own pattern. :) He is having fun while learning, which is every parent's dream! Highly recommended!!


    Games like this are why I choose Timberdoodle. This teaches things I never even thought of teaching. She is learning about differences and loves to point out how different things look at night around our neighborhood. It has even helped her be less afraid of the dark. So simple and yet teaches way more than just following directions on a card. The perfect step up from the caterpillar stacking game!

    Day and Night

    My 2 year old hates new things so he didn't want to do this at first, but he has gradually decided he likes it! I let him pick the card and I help him figure out what goes next. I'll make a story out of the picture when he needs the extra incentive. He's gotten much faster over the last few months! It's a great introduction to thinking skills and taking directions.

    My kids love this!

    We love this puzzle. It has been used with 2 kids so far and will be handed off to number 3. It is super quality and still in fantastic shape. They both are excited when it comes out!

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