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Timberdoodle's Review
Fast-paced Visual Agility
Q-bitz is a magnificent visual agility game that will never lose its fascination. With 80 pattern cards and 16 cubes, players recreate the patterns as quickly as possible. From matching the card shown to having ten seconds to study a card and then remaking the pattern from memory, each variation of these fast-paced rounds requires a different set of visual and cerebral skills. But Q-bitz does not have to be played as a game. The cards and cubes can also be used as an exceptional thinking skill challenge for children or adults with short-term memory loss. Brilliant!

Round One: Pattern Matching
Round one asks players to use their set of cubes to match the pattern shown on the card. The first one to complete the pattern wins the card.

Round Two: Racing & Rolling
Round two asks the players to roll the cubes like dice and use as many of the cubes as possible to duplicate the pattern shown on the new card. Race to re-roll the cubes until the pattern is complete. First one done wins the card. (We have found it more exciting to re-roll each turn together instead of doing a free-for-all.)

Round Three: From Memory in 10 Seconds
Finally, in round three, players have 10 seconds to study a new card then remake the pattern from memory. This can be unbelievably difficult. The one who finishes first, or the one who has the most blocks in the correct position, wins the card. At the end of all three rounds, the player with the most cards is the winner.

Thinking Skill Challenge
Our family loves this game as it is, but we have found a couple tweaks that make it even more engaging. First, Q-bitz does not have to be played as a game. The cards and cubes can simply be used as a thinking skill challenge. We see Q-bitz play as a marvelous asset for both children and stroke victims.

Another Variation to Play
Secondly, because there are 80 cards, we have found it easier to divide the deck into quarters and give each player his own deck of cards. This allows each player to position the card in a way that is most visually effective for him. Yes, it could mean that one player gets an easier card than another, but everyone understands that this aspect of the game could change with each new card. (We prefer to play multiple cards before moving on to the next round.) We especially found individual cards helpful for round three because even when we scrupulously desire not to copy another's efforts, a stray glance can both cause a memory and a pang of guilt.

Family Reunion Potential
Finally, Q-bitz is a game that lends itself to large groups. Understandably, you need to purchase several sets, but aside from that, if each player has access to his own card, there are no limits on how many can play at once. So Q-bitz becomes an exciting family reunion game.

Produced by MindWare, an award-winning creator, manufacturer, and around-the-globe distributor of brainy toys for kids of all ages. Recommended for anyone who knows not to swallow the cubes.

  • 80 Q-bitz cards
  • 4 wooden trays
  • 4 sets of 16 cubes
  • Rules

  • Manufacturer's Information
    Item #: 44002
    Manufacturer: MindWare
    Made In: China
    Players: 2-4 players

    Awards and Endorsements:
    iParenting Media Award
    Major Fun Award
    Parents' Choice Gold Award

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    I have 3 students from 5-12 they love this they race each other doing different cares and their own levels. I love that they can do it together but at their own skill level


    My grandma gave this to me for a Christmas present. When I opened it up I didn't know what it was, then Mama said that she had been wanting to buy it for the whole family but now it's only mine. The first time I played it I didn't do the first card so it was kind of hard and my daddy won that game. I really like it and since there are four sets if I lose one I still have three more to play with. Sometimes I bring it to church to play with on the way and I like to invent my own patterns with the cubes.


    Last summer my then 2 year old daughter spotted this game, at her cousins house. They gave her some of the simpler cards and she went to work and matched the design pretty closely. They were all excited to find something they could do together. The best part is you can play alone if you like, or as a group. If they made the blocks bigger this would be great as a game for younger children too. The contrasting colors are so great for visual discrimination!

    Fun for all ages

    My husband and I play with our 6 year old. She has yet to hit Q-Bitz before either of us but she still has fun. She also likes to play by herself and also create her own designs. This is a great game to take on vacation and possibly even play in the car.

    Family Favorite

    We just got Q-bitz last week, but it has quickly become the #1 game in our house! My kids even got their grandparents in on the action. I love that you can customize the game to fit the needs of the players. Instead of making it a race to finish first, we usually each have a card and work on our own design, no matter how long it takes. Although it's ages 8+, my 5 year old loves it!

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