Pop Toobs - set of 6

Pop Toobs - set of 6

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Pop Toobs
For the price, these are some of the most versatile toys your family can own. We loved them over 20 years ago and were recently reintroduced to them when our foster toddler needed occupational therapy. Pop Toobs are amazing! Kids universally love the cool sound Pop Toobs make with each movement, as well as the vibrating sensation when they are extended. Pop Toobs can be popped, stretched, bent, and connected, providing tactile stimulation, fine motor skills, and auditory feedback.

Ideas for how to use Pop Toobs are in our Tiny Tots Handbook. Pop Toobs are expandable from 8 to 30 inches, and are recommended by the manufacturer for ages 3 and up.

Made In: USA
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Customer Reviews

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Great for Them!

Theses were great for my kids, they both still play with them, but they give me a headache lol. I love watching them link together all the tubes and try to build things, but there other favorite thing to do is yell into them and it drives me crazy. It is well worth going through the crazy to watch them learn about how the sound changes.

Fun but not sturdy

Like the description says, plan on these being disposable. We had fun while they lasted (which was a good year or so) but as promised they eventually fell apart and I just hate it when toys break so, though they were fun, I will not be buying more.

Pop Toobs

So, my kids (age 4 and 1) love these. They were turned into jump ropes and elephant noses and jungle lassos immediately. They are fun to scrunch up and make a delightful noise when expanded. They are fun in the pool and at the playground and at home. Even I find myself absently stretching them out and back, they are so tactile. But the nature of the toy or the quality of the plastic make them very easy to crush beyond use. With the first five minutes of play, of course my 1-year-old had stepped on one and held one tightly in her fist, and it caused kinks in the plastic that we can't undo (pic attached of literally just five minutes of play). The kids still play with them a lot, but the stretch/compress part isn't functional.

Pop Toobs

Kids liked them, but they get squished easily and just seem like cheap plastic.

Pop Toobs

Super-fun little noise producers. My kids love how the sound changes with the length of the tube. They hook these together and create circles, and play imaginative games with them.

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