Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

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Timberdoodle's Review
Starry Night Playsilk
The best toys for babies are simple, uncomplicated ones that assist them in gaining important skills. So before your baby becomes enamored with battery-eating, limited-use, disposable toys, introduce him to the wonderfully durable natural material, silk.

Wispy enough for a tiny baby to manipulate, PlaySilks provide a wonderful sensory experience. The lovely texture and translucency of the PlaySilks make them ideal for "peek-a-boo."

Easily stuffed into a diaper bag or purse, PlaySilks make a soft, filmy, easy-to-pack comfy for traveling little ones.

Size: 35 x 35 inches

Light, flowing silk. Hand hemmed. Dyed with non-toxic dyes in the USA. Packaged in a lively paper wrapper that gives ideas for play. Safety tested for ages 3+.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

When I purchased our Sarah's Silks Playsilks, I remember thinking how expensive they were (we wanted a few color options and they add up) and almost not going through with it. But the truth is, these things get used every day and are worth it. They are superhero capes and princess gowns and villian hoods. They are backdrops for storytelling with toys, a blanket for a babydoll, or the tablecloth of a pretend picnic or tea party. And my littlest also just snuggles with them at naptime. These are crazy soft and luxurious and everyone loves them. They did spark a discussion and some research into how silk is made, and that wasn't as great. But I can't say a single thing negative about how great playsilks are for open-ended play! Even across age gaps, I recommend having some. My 3 year old, 6 year old and even my 9 year old still play with these.

Most Expensive Piece of Cloth I Own

I want my kids to have the best right?? So I spent $20 on a piece of silk. Everything everyone says is true... it's a great piece of silk. But really all I've used it for is a summertime lovey in the car seat - a cotton swaddle could have done the trick but I preferred how nice and compact this was in my diaper bag. So, yes, we've used it, but for imaginative play, not so much. When we're in the mode of imagination we use whatever blanket is nearest to us, and don't think to go grab this one. If I could go back and customize my infant kit differently I would definitely have spent that $20 on something far more useful.

Michelle, thank you for your review of the Playsilk. It's helpful to hear when an item isn't a good fit for a family, as we always hope our customers and their little ones will love everything they get. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with your fellow customers and with us! - the Timberdoodle Team
Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

I bought a bag of cheap gauze "playsilks" and thought we didn't need any others. This came with the toddler kit, and the quality is just so much better. It is SO soft and just much more enjoyable to touch. It was instantly turned into a super hero cape by my four year old. I really love it as an addition to our toy collection.

Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

This is nice, soft and very silky. My 4 children have loved playing with this.

Sarah's Silks Playsilk - Starry Night

Kids love to play with it when they play pretend or just snuggle it, but as a vegan I'd prefer something not made of silk.

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