2018 Top Timberdoodle Gifts

Your Top 10 11 Gifts on Your Christmas List

Again this year we asked you to let us know what were the top items on your Christmas gift list. Your answers surprised us! First off, you rated gift #10 and gift #11 exactly the same. Of course, that meant we needed a Top Eleven list this year! Secondly, you chose three of the same items as last year - each at exactly the same place on the list.

Do you think you know what the top items were? Take a look!

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Smart Games
This ever-growing collection now features 15 different single-player logic games ranging from toddler-appropriate to challenging for the whole family. Top-notch quality + interesting games with genuine brain growth is always a winner!

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Bonobo Gym Indoor Playground
It's back! You picked this one last year too, under its old name Gorilla Gym. Known for bringing a playground into your house to let your crew release their wiggles weather-free, this kit is a phenomenal value.

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Robotis Kits
You love Robotis kits! Robotis PLAY 600 Pets allows your 6ish-year-old to build up to seven moving robots. Others of you find Robotis DREAM to be a better match with its 12-week robots course for around 3rd grade. Robotis was also a 2017 winner.

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Mad Mattr
Of all the awesome stuff on this list, Mad Mattr is the one that lives on my desk. It's a never-dry-out modeling clay; a valuable sensory tool; the source of many of those viral slicing/kneading videos; and for me, a prized desktop fidget. Now back in stock!

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Engino Engineering kits are among the most advanced and multifaceted three-dimensional construction toys in the world. So it's no surprise that you have them on the top 10 list for the second time! Kits range from 2nd grade to high school level.

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4D Puzzles
Suitable for pre-medical students and puzzle-lovers, these ingenious, museum-quality puzzles have been highly recognized for their authentic look, meticulous finishing, and fastidious painting. Choose torso, heart, or cells.

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Does your child want to create stunning watercolors? With these kits he will learn how to mix rich, vibrant colors to create beautiful and detailed works of art. With Aquarellum’s water-resistant technique, paint adheres only to the design motif areas, making the vivid colors pop.

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Boom Fun with Science
Boom's huge collection of 60 child-friendly experiments will have your child clamoring for "just one more." Best of all, it includes almost everything you need, along with a full-color manual with step-by-step instructions and a DVD of demonstrations.

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Rory's Story Cubes
Inspire imaginative storytelling for the entire family! Roll the cubes to generate random images. Then, using those images as part of your narrative, invent a story that starts with "Once upon a time...," "It was a dark and stormy night," or any opening of your choice.

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Graphic Novels
Our interest in graphic novels probably began when we realized what a positive impact they could have on a budding or reluctant reader. But they have far more advantages than "just" that! Check out our graphic novel editions of the classics, along with many science and history themed titles.

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Möbi Games
If your crew loves games or math, this is the perfect pocket-sized game. Available in Möbi Kids (PreK+) or Timberdoodle exclusive Möbi Max (2nd grade+), this tile game has each player racing to complete his own crossword-style gameboard.

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