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Are you the inventor or author of something you think would be perfect for Timberdoodle? Email us at with information about your product, such as a description, your website or sample pages, and your reseller terms. It is always better to send too much information than not enough! If it looks like your invention could be a good match for us, we’ll follow up and ask you for a sample copy so that we can review it more thoroughly to see whether it would be a good fit for our crazy-smart customers.

Please understand that we get a really high number of requests and cannot always respond to them all. We do consider each and every product, but if we don't contact you, it's because for one reason or another it wasn’t a good fit at this time. We are a small company, so we try to be really straightforward and not waste anyone's time.

Thanks for reaching out and for inviting us to be your reseller!

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