Save up to 5% on every online order from Timberdoodle

Get up to 5% back each time you shop online. That's right, you'll earn a 5% credit with every eligible product you purchase.
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How Doodle Dollars works
Create an online account* and you earn Doodle Dollars on all eligible purchases you make on
You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. 20 points = $1 dollar off a future order!
Check out the information below to see other ways to earn points.

Doodle Dollars is our way of saying “Thank You” to you, our valued customers. Accounts are automatically enrolled in this money-saving program. Earn points and redeem them for a Gift Card to use on a future order. Best of all, earning points is easy. Below are ways you can start saving Doodle Dollars today!

*If you have previously made an online Timberdoodle purchase, you will likely have an account already created for you. Please Contact Us to access your account.


How do I earn Doodle Dollars?
Your account will receive 1 point for every $1 spent at on qualifying purchases. Please note that points are calculated based on your order subtotal.
20 points = $1 dollar off a future order!

Be the first to report bugs on our site.
Earn 20 points for new bugs (such as misspelled words or broken links) found on our web site! If you are the first to alert us of a bug on our website, we’ll gladly deposit 20 points in your account! If it is an issue we are already aware of/working on, then it won't qualify for points.
We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of your suggestion. Points will be awarded if we implement the change.
To report a bug:
Email us at and make sure to include the following information to get your points:

  • Subject Line: Timberdoodle Bug Report
  • Your Name
  • Your E-Mail Address
  • Link containing the webpage with the bug or misspelled word with a clear explanation of the issue or problem.

20 POINTS for Product Reviews
Write product reviews that get approved.
We’re looking for reviews of items you purchased from Timberdoodle. Reviews should give specifics about what you or your child liked/didn’t like about the product reviewed. Each review must be unique and apply specifically to the product you are reviewing. We’re also looking for the review to have enough substance to be helpful to others, so please be sure to give us at least 3 sentences. Upon approval and publication of your review, the points are deposited into your account! Click here for more information on review standards and requirements.

Do I need to have an account to take advantage of the Doodle Dollars Rewards Program?
Yes, an account is required to assign points to, but you may already have an account...

If you have previously made an online Timberdoodle purchase, you will likely have an account already created for you. Orders on which an email address is provided automatically create an account with that email. Please Contact Us to send you an activation email so you can set a password which will allow you to access your account.

When will I receive my points for purchases?
Generally, points will be added when your order is complete but please allow up to to 1 business day. If you have questions about your points, feel free to Contact Us. Points are auto-awarded on the honors system, and we will be in touch with you if there is a problem.
Please note: you may not receive points for damaged, discontinued, or closeout merchandise. Merchandise must have been purchased directly from Timberdoodle to receive points.

Can I use my points right away?
If you have points available on your account, you may use them any time. Click here to see redemption instructions.

Points earned from reviews and bugs typically take up to 3 weeks after submission to be available.

How do I view and redeem points I’ve earned?
You can access your points by clicking the teal button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Here's how it works:
  1. You can view your reward point total at the top of the window. There is also a grey history icon you can click to see your point history.
  2. You can click "Ways to earn" to see how you can earn reward points.
  3. Click "Ways to Redeem" to redeem your points. After you click "Ways to Redeem" just click the teal "Redeem" button. You can use the slider to choose how many points to redeem and we'll send you a gift card. 20 points = $1, so if you redeem 100 points, we'll send you a $5 gift card. 
  4. Click "Your Rewards" at the bottom. It will show the rewards that you have claimed by redeeming points. You can click each one to get the gift card code to use during check out.

Do Doodle Dollar Points expire?
No, Doodle Dollar Points do not expire. Under current policy they will accumulate until you “redeem” them.

I returned an item. Will points I earned for its purchase be deducted from my account?
Yes. Since the item has been returned, it’s no longer considered to be purchased, so the points earned for the purchase of the returned item(s) are deducted from your account.

Are Doodle Dollars refundable?
If you have canceled or returned an order, you will be refunded your original payment. This include gift certificates that were created from reward points.

I changed my mind during checkout. Will my gift card from redeeming points still be available?
As long as the order has not been finalized, your balance should still remain in your gift card.
If the order was processed, but you still want to cancel, please inform us immediately to avoid order shipment.
Once the order is canceled, your original payments (including gift card) will be refunded.

Can I share my points with a friend?
No. Doodle Dollars are nontransferable and are only valid for the account owner they belong to.

What standards should my review meet to qualify for Doodle Dollars Rewards?
We ask that the product name be included in the body of the review. We also ask that our customers proofread their reviews to check for spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors. Reviews should also meet the following basic standards:
  • Detailed description of product
  • Why you like or don’t like this product
  • Detailed explanation on if you would or wouldn’t recommend this product
  • Was it worth the price
  • How you use the product
  • Each product review must be unique
  • For a picture to qualify it must be something more than just a picture of the item as it was purchased. You can show us how you’re using it in your homeschool setting, show it in progress, or have someone display it, for instance. However, it should show relevance to your review whenever possible.
My product review wasn’t awarded points. Why not?
We love reading customer reviews and would like to publish all of them on our website. However, there are a few reasons our editors choose not to award points for certain customer reviews. The most common reason is that we have no record of the item being purchased from us. In that case we’ll let you know (with our thanks for the review) that if you’d like to get points for it, you simply need to let us know how to find that order. Other times a review may not be descriptive enough to be helpful. For example, we sometimes receive product reviews that simply read, “Great book!” While we greatly appreciate the feedback, reviews should be descriptive enough to assist other customers in their decision-making process. To increase the likelihood that your review is awarded points, please include details about what you liked or didn’t like about the product being reviewed. Did you like the layout and look? What did you think about the colors? Does your little one enjoy playing with the item? What about you? Would you recommend it to a friend? We’re looking for details in product reviews.

How do reward points work with Purchase Orders?
We love being able to help so many of you get the curriculum you need through your local school.

However, there are a couple of things you’ll want to know about reward points and the school P.O....
  1. The Doodle Dollars rewards program is available to individuals and families who place orders through their personal accounts at Organizations (including, but not limited to, school districts, charter schools, and corporate entities) are not eligible for the Doodle Dollars program.
  2. We would absolutely love to see reviews from you on these items, but you will not receive reward points for those reviews because the purchaser and the reviewer are not the same person. This saves our team hours of searching through school P.O.s to ensure accuracy, and lets us get back to answering questions and shipping orders.

What Is the Fine Print?
Points may only be earned or applied for orders originating from the Timberdoodle web site. Points must be redeemed for a Gift Card which you apply to your order at checkout. We are unable to apply points/gift cards to orders after they have been submitted for processing and shipment. Mailed, faxed, and phone orders will not earn points in the program.

All reviews submitted become the property of Timberdoodle, and Timberdoodle reserves the right to post any submission regardless of whether points are awarded. Doodle Dollar points will be awarded only for reviews that meet our minimum standards, including our ability to verify that the reviewed products were purchased from Timberdoodle by the reviewer. Reviews are typically processed within approximately two to three weeks. Click here to learn more about our review standards.

The Doodle Dollars Reward Program is void where prohibited by law. Timberdoodle reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time and without cause or notice. Points are not redeemable for cash. Abuse of this program may lead to account suspension or cancelled orders.


More questions?
Do you have any other questions about our Doodle Dollars rewards program that weren’t answered here? Feel free to Contact Us.