Doodle Our Catalog 2019

Would you like your family's artistry featured in a Timberdoodle catalog? Or perhaps you're more interested in winning the amazing prize of a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit or $800 Timberdoodle Gift Certificate?

We're collecting doodles for consideration in our 2019 Curriculum Catalog, website, Curriculum Handbooks, etc., and we would love to consider your doodles! Entries of all skill levels are welcome; we find the toddler's "princess" as appealing as the artist's "Timberdoodle Pickup Truck."

If you or your child aren't sure where to start, take a look at this PDF packed with suggestions!

To Enter:

1. Doodle Use a black marker or thick pen for the best results. We are looking for simple graphics which can be printed easily, so a fine-point pen or pencil is not advisable. No color please; for the best print quality, we need to start with simple black & white sketches.

2. Label It If you like, include the name of each doodle, as well as the artist's name and age; feel free to include this on the same page as the doodle or in your email entry. (Parents, your doodles are welcome too, and no age is required! Do feel free to add in Mom of 7, Homeschool Dad, Lawyer, New Homeschooler...) One entry per page is preferred.

3. Please Doodle Anything! The ideas provided are just to jump-start your creativity. We look forward to seeing what you think up!

4. Send Us Your Entries Take a picture of the doodle or scan it for us and send it to, enter using this form, or enter by posting your art on Facebook or Instagram and tagging us. Do take a moment to be sure the art is in focus and the light is bright enough for us to see it. Sadly, we have a few every year that are too dark or blurry to use. (If you're entering via social media, do make sure your post is public so that we can see it. We'll comment back when we add it to the entries so you'll know for sure that you're in the drawing.)

That's all there is to it!

5. Each Doodle is an Entry to Win This Drawing: Your pick of a Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit of your choice or an $800 Timberdoodle Gift Certificate!

There are no limits on how many doodles your family can enter, so doodle away!

Contest closes Monday, February 18th, at midnight PST. The winner will be selected at random ASAP after that - once the entries are all logged here. (Last year you guys blew us away with last second submissions that took longer than anticipated to get entered. This year, we'll refrain from predicting how soon we can do the drawing, and instead, we'll do it just as soon as possible!)


Details All entered works of art become the property of Timberdoodle and we will use them at our discretion, including being considered for the 2019 Timberdoodle Curriculum Catalog and Handbooks.

Artistically gifted or not, your creative designs are very much appreciated! Of course, any unmistakably slipshod work or careless scribbles will not be entered to win the amazing prizes. And I'm sure it won't surprise you to learn that ALL entries must be family friendly.

Looking for ideas? Check out our PDF of ideas:

How Your Doodles Are Processed:

First, we oooh and aaah over the original doodle.

Next, we clean up the doodle and convert it to a bitmap for easy insertion into the catalog.

Now it is ready to use in whatever format we may need. Subtle accent? Colorful hero? Ad copy? Catalog page? Handbook cover? We find ourselves reaching for your doodles for all these options and more!