2019 Fifth-Grade Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Timberdoodle's Review

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Great curriculum

This is my first time homeschooling and I wanted an all in one curriculum package so I opted for TimberDoodle. The work has been engaging and rewarding. My only issue is the lack of art, I feel like there could be more art options as he is not gifted in this are and it would be beneficial to try different things. I am glad that we went with this curriculum as I have the to opportunity to learn right along side of him.

Overall, We're Satisfied

Overall, we're satisfied with the 5th grade curriculum Kit. We purchased the Complete Kit, as we usually do. I love the games/puzzles, such as Cat Crimes and Equilibrio. However, I'm not very impressed with the History curriculum that was chosen. It's a bit boring in comparison to Story of the World. Also, the Geography workbook comes from an old Earth worldview, which contradicts my own beliefs. I do still appreciate having someone else put together a curriculum package for me, and it's very thorough.

Love it

Great skill building books and engaging curriculum


My 5th grader is loving this kit! She loves the Mosdos reading and excited for a new story each week (they are great stories- good content and challenge). She loves the faction overlays from Math-U-See. I love the challenges from Critical and Creative, that get her to think differently. We are first year home schoolers, but this has been an amazing fit. Very thoughtful and thorough kit! I love the mix of core subjects, with hands-on learning, varied methods, and STEM.

Well worth the investment

I was really undecided as to whether or not I should have just bought the entry level, the complete or the Elite. I am so relieved that I ultimately went with the Elite kit. I am finding that the items not deemed "necessary," but supplemental are my child's favorite and they allow me time to step away and help my other child learn without disrupting the learning time. The Math, Science and History are her favorite subjects now. We have not been overly impressed with Spelling U See, but feel that we are getting enough of that in her Jump in and Literature books to keep up her Spelling. I would highly recommend getting the Elite kit as a first timer and then buying less the second year if you need to do so. This was absolutely the way to go because you allow yourself to see what your child uses and what their interests are.

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