2019 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit

2019 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit

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Do you need a custom Fourth-Grade Curriculum?
This year you will love helping your child continue building his language, math, and thinking skills. He will study science in the age of reason, learn about the modern age, and build his own robot. With creative art, colorful geography, and more hands-on materials that develop logic and creative thinking, this year will be a year packed with happy memories for both of you!

We asked parents who used our Fourth-Grade Kit how long their student spent on "school." Most of them estimated that they spent 1-3 hours a day on their kit. That variation is likely to be impacted by how in-depth you take your child's studies, what your child's learning approach is, how distractible he is, and much more. You’ll be able to plan yours to work best for you with your access to the online Timberdoodle Scheduler, included with your kit. Make sure you allow yourself and your child some time to find your own rhythm!
What's in the kit?
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If you want a quick peek at what's included in History, or the difference between the Complete or Elite levels then feel free to use this handy chart! Click the button below to open a PDF copy of the curriculum chart from our catalog.

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2019 4th Grade Handbook + Scheduler

We wanted our curriculum handbook to be extremely simple, easy to use, and promote independent study as early as possible. Our guides are designed to get you up and running - today - without being overwhelming, boring, or confusing.

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Language Arts

Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 4

Develop students' writing skills in each of the six traits with 125 engaging, 10- to 15-minute lessons.

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Mosdos Press Literature - Ruby - 4th Grade

Ruby builds on the knowledge base a fourth grader brings to the study of language arts and literature.

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Spelling You See - Level E

Spelling You See will help your child become a confident, successful speller, naturally and at his own speed. Each Spelling You See lesson is colorful, short, to the point, and fun!

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First Language Lessons 4 Bundle

With two to three short lessons a week, First Language Lessons Level 4 covers a full range of grammar topics, including parts of speech, punctuation, sentence diagrams, and skills in beginning writing and storytelling.

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Did you know that we offer free kit customization?
Since each math curriculum approaches new concepts at a different pace if you're switching to Math-U-See this year we highly recommend that you take advantage of the readiness assessments here to make sure you start with the level your child needs.

Math-U-See Readiness Assessments

Math-U-See Delta

If you are looking for a manipulative-based curriculum that ensures your children will be able to fully understand each mathematical concept before moving on to another one, you have found it in Math-u-See.

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Extreme Dot to Dot: Rainforests

Description coming soon!Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Rainforests. Kick-start your child's cognitive development with these amazing Extreme Dot-to-Dot Puzzle books. Reinforcing numbers and number order has never been so much fun!

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The Story of the World Volume 4

The Story of the World Volume 4, The Modern Age (1850 to 1994); from Victoria's Empire to the end of the USSR. This captivating read-aloud series will introduce your children to the marvelous history of the world presented chronologically.

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The Story of the World Volume 4 Activity Book

The Story of the World Volume 4 Activity Book, Along with The Story of the World, Volume 4: The Modern Age, this Activity Book provides a complete history program.

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True Stories of the Civil War

Experience the horrors of the Civil War through the stories of the people who lived through it. True Stories of the Civil War will give your child a visual look at the war that nearly tore our nation apart.

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True Stories of World War I

During World War I, known as the Great War, many soldiers kept journals about their experiences. Your child will learn of the horror of gas warfare and the tragic sinking of the Lusitania.

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True Stories of World War II

Using the unique accounts taken from actual diaries and letters, True Stories of World War II tells the stories of five men and women who fought for their countries during World War II.

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The Story of the World Volume 4 Audio Book

The Story of the World Volume 4 Audio Book, Includes 11 CDs, featuring 12 hours of content, in an unabridged reading of Volume 4: The Modern Age. Perfect for the busy homeschooling mom and for kids who love listening again and again.

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24-Hour History 5-Book Set

24-Hour History will provide your reluctant reader an action-packed introduction to key historical events. At the back of each 24-Hour History are short biographies of some of the key characters, timelines, pertinent maps or diagrams, and a glossary.

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Skill Sharpeners Geography - Grade 4

Skill Sharpeners Geography lets your child explore his world while learning key map skills and geography concepts with little fuss on your part. It takes your child beyond just the basics of geography and includes a smattering of histories and cultures within our world.

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The Global Puzzle

Unlike other world puzzles, The Global Puzzle has pieces shaped like individual countries. Instead of matching color to color, you must be able to work each country piece into the bordering countries, making a lasting mental connection as you go.

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Thinking Skills

Building Thinking Skills Book 2

Building Thinking Skills Book 2 helps develop four basic analytical skills (similarities/differences, sequences, classification, and analogies) through both figural and verbal problems. Teach thinking skills with Building Thinking Skills Book 2.

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Played like sudoku, the gorgeous wooden Colorku uses colors rather than traditional numbers. Colorku will improve your child's memory and logic and will requires him to think strategically and solve problems creatively.

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Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones - Book 2

Dr. Bonyfide is a young person's highly entertaining guide to their own body. You know that your if child has basic information about his body he is more likely to make healthy life choices.

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Science in the Age of Reason Set

Science in the Age of Reason covers scientific developments from the early 1700s to the early 1800s. Along the way, your student will learn about scientists who based their studies and lives on the knowledge of God, as well as those who rejected a Biblical worldview.

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ROBOTIS DREAM 2.0 Level 1 Kit

Further your child's interest in science or construction with ROBOTIS DREAM 2.0 Level 1 Kit's multiple configurations and solid documentation.

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Robotis Dream 2.0 Level 2

ROBOTIS DREAM 2.0 Level 2 builds upon Level 1 to develop a higher level of understanding of robotics.

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Entrepreneur Academy

Not every family can start their own business, but parents can encourage their child not only to read Entrepreneur Academy, but to actually act on it. Your child will learn how to spot needs, test his ideas, consider the competition, learn to manage, and so much more.

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Hey Clay Bugs

Hey Clay Bugs is a clever fusion of spongy, stretchy modeling clay and an interactive animated app that will teach your child step by step how to make a swarm of wacky bugs. Hey Clay Bugs encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and will inspire your budding professional clay artist.

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My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook

With its pages and pages of creative prompts, My Crazy Inventions will inspire brainstorming, imagining, and drawing. Containing numerous fun-filled illustrations of real and imaginary inventions plus lots of room for your child's own inventions.

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Khan Mosaics

Djeco's beautiful art-by-numbers kit, Khan Mosaics, creates two impressively-illustrated pictures any preteen would enjoy. By just following the numbers and adding the correctly colored foam sticker tile to the backgrounds he will assemble two imposing pictures; a grumpy gorilla and a thoughtful tiger.

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Write and Draw Your Own Comics

Learn how to create characters, think up story ideas, write dialog, use sound effects, and draw action and emotions with Write and Draw Your Own Comics. This is not only one of the best ways to encourage creative writing, but to recount a history lesson, illustrate a scientific principle, or to explain current events.

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Learning Tools

Mixed By Me - Holographic Thinking Putty Kit

Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit - Bounce, Stretch, Tear, Drip, Snap, Even Shatter Thinking Putty.

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Spectrum Test Practice - 4th Grade

Spectrum Test Practice offers students the essential groundwork needed to prepare for standardized tests.

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Customer Reviews

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Overall We Like It

Overall this is a really fun kit. My son loves all the hands on activities but I wish there were other options for some of the main curriculums. We are not a fan of the literature set. I wish there were other options that were far less textbooky. We were also not a huge fan of the spelling either. We have found Spelling Power to be much more effective and a lot less busy work. The spelling has a ton of just copywork which for some kids is not fun at all. I *think* you can get All About Spelling but we have done almost all of them already. The history graphic novels have been wonderful. I had no idea you could get history or science ones and we have been adding more to our book collection. We absolutely love Math U See so love that it is in this kit. We also really love First Language Lessons. I am sad its our last year using it and am curious to see what they put in its place for next year. Overall its a great kit for someone starting out and I am glad we tried it. There are a few things such as literature and spelling that we have passed along to other families as it doesn't fit with our learning style. I do wish they had a couple more options when choosing to make a custom curriculum (which we did not use this time we bought the package as is).

Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit

This kit is the perfect combination of every important thing that a 4th grader needs to know - and makes a student love learning in the process! My fourth grader has gone from hating school to wanting to do it with her extra free time because she feels smart and empowered to learn thanks to so many items in this kit. STEM activities benefit her hands-on learning tendencies, but there is also a traditional math and reading program included that fulfills all our other needs so she can be the best student possible. Highly recommend!

Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit

I absolutely LOVE the ability to customize the curriculum kits to fit our family's needs. Thank you, Timberdoodle!!!

Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit

We love all the hands-on activities!

Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit

Great material! Fun curriculum!

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