2019 Kindergarten Curriculum Kit Customizer

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Takes The Stress Out Of Curriculum Buying

I love that I was able to customize the curriculum. It is super convenient to have a layout of everything you need, so you know you are getting a well rounded curriculum, and the ability to add in items or take out things that wouldn't suit your student.

For example, my child is an advanced reader as well as advanced at math, so I was able to get rid of phonics material, which she didn't need, and get a higher level of math.

I also love that Timberdoodle supports types of learning beyond text books and dittos. We have discovered so many new ways of teaching our children.

Also, their customer service is absolutely top notch.

I will absolutely be using Timberdoodle for all of our homeschool needs.


I should have done this last year. We just found out about Timberdoodle this year and I’m so glad we did. The custom curriculum kit is fantastic. I can get items I know will work best for my child. Everything in the kit so far we’ve loved!

Custom Kindergarten Curriculum Kit

We love our custom kindergarten kit. It's so convenient to have all our favorite curriculum in one kit that we can customize how we want. We also love getting to use new curriculum and materials we hadn't used before. The best thing for us is that All About Reading is part of the timberdoodle kits.

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